Indoor-Outdoor Living

How to Furnish Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces

An indoor-outdoor living space is the best solution to enjoy the beautiful landscapes that surround your home regardless of the weather. Whether you have a sunroom, a floor-to-ceiling glass door or a covered porch, you can easily turn this space into an amazing place to entertain friends and enjoy quality time with your family. Here are some indoor-outdoor living space ideas you don’t want to miss!

What is an outdoor living space?
An outdoor living space is basically a cozy retreat you create on your patio or in your backyard, maybe with the help of a nice outdoor dining set, seating options and a grill or fire pit. However, modern outdoor living spaces offer much more than that.

Many families are choosing to add a full kitchen, complete with a sink and electronic appliances, in their yard, letting them entertain friends outdoors without having to go inside to pick up or prepare the food. Others are decorating their outdoor spaces with fireplaces and TVs. To protect the TV from the elements, hang it on a ceiling space or use an outdoor TV cabinet.

A sunroom can be as stylish as one of these modern outdoor living spaces, but it has the added advantage of being fully protected from the weather. You may want to add a kitchen or a dining set to entertain friends or a TV with seating options to relax with your family.

There are different types of sunrooms based on your needs. A three-season room is typically not climate-controlled, so you can enjoy it during the fall, spring and summer without the expense of a heating or cooling system. A four-season room has a climate-controlled system as well as sturdy insulation materials, so you can enjoy it all year.

A short guide to indoor-outdoor furniture materials
An indoor-outdoor living space requires different types of accent furniture and decor elements than an indoor space. Choose materials that resists the elements so they won’t rust or become moldy. Synthetic resin, which typically derives from PVC, polyethylene or nylon, is low-maintenance, lightweight and cost-effective. You’ll also find high-density polyethylene (HDPE) synthetic resin, which is more durable. Since most furniture pieces in these resin materials are woven like wicker, they may remind you of rattan, but they’re more resistant to the sunlight.

Another quality option for outdoor and indoor sunroom furniture is teak wood, which resists water, rot, and insect attacks. When you buy new teak furniture, it has a golden-brown hue, but if it hasn’t undergone any special treatments, it tends to become grey over time. Many people love the grey hue teak gets over time, so the colour is something you want to consider when choosing this attractive material for your outdoor decor.

Alternatively, consider aluminum and steel options. Outdoor furniture made from these materials resists rust because of special coatings. Aluminum is lightweight, while steel resists the wind better. Porcelain tabletops are easy to clean and durable, while powder-coated aluminum or steel finishes provide a variety of colour options. Explore upholstered outdoor seating that mimics your indoor sofas and chairs. Sectionals, couches, loveseats and chairs use water-resistant fabrics such as acrylic, polyester and vinyl, so their colours don’t fade under the sun. The filling material is typically a weatherproof foam that resists mildew and mold.

If you have a three-season sunroom without any climate control system, avoid leather furniture, which may rot because of excessive humidity. Keep in mind that leather tends to crack when exposed to the sunlight.

Tips to furnish and decorate an indoor-outdoor living space
Just like you would do in an indoor living room, add pops of colour to your sunroom or porch with accent pillows and rugs. For three-season sun-rooms, choose decor accessories intended for outdoor use that resist humidity and sunlight. A smart addition is a storage bench, which makes it possible to store pillows easily for the winter and provides protection from wintry weather.

Create a nice transition from outdoors to indoors by adding plants to your sunroom. They help visually fill the spaces between your pieces of furniture and purify the air. If you plan on using the space by night, add artificial lighting to make it enjoyable. String lights create a festive yet casual look and provide subtle lighting if you’re planning on entertaining friends in your sunroom. Alternatively, use floor lamps and table lamps to complement your decor style. Lastly, make sure to add an occasional table near the sofa or the other seating options so you can rest the book you’re reading or the drink you’re enjoying.

These are some of the best indoor/outdoor living space ideas to help you make the most of your sunroom or covered porch. Find the right outdoor furniture and decor accents for your needs on

These are some of the best indoor/outdoor living space ideas to help you make the most of your sunroom or covered porch. Find the right outdoor furniture and decor accents for your needs on