Impress With Your Guest Room

Whether guests are expected or unexpected, it's always a good feeling knowing that you're prepared to make your guests feel comfortable and welcome when they stay with you. Let's go through a few tips and tricks to really impress with your guest room.

Helping Your Guests Feel at Home

In today’s world, everyone needs to feel plugged in. Help your out of town guests keep their data charges down by providing your Wi-Fi password. There are some cute DIY ideas on how to do this. Lay out a couple of interesting books for their reading pleasure, and throw in a comfy accent chair if you have the space.

Calm Your Colours

Make your guests feel relaxed by choosing a colour scheme that doesn’t scream. Sticking to neutrals and softer palettes promotes a comfortable space for your guest to unwind. It’s also important to keep the room uncluttered.


Mirror, mirror on the wall – don’t make your guest get ready down the hall. Privacy is essential for making your guests comfortable. Hanging a in the room allows them to get ready for the day without being disruptive to other members of the household. Hang a full length mirror as a courtesy. Your guests may be living out of a suitcase, but they don’t have to look like it! Speaking of suitcases – clean out the closet, or provide your guest with a small dresser to use.

Freshen Up with Flowers

Flowers add a great touch. Not only do they bring a fresh scent to the room, they can simply add to your décor with a beautiful vase and a splash of colour.


Guest rooms are a great place to showcase various DIY projects you’ve done. Whether you’ve refinished an old dresser, created a new chandelier, or spray-painted wine bottles for home décor, your effort deserves to be admired. Let your guests be the ones to do that!

Comfortable & Cozy

Some like it hot, some like it cold. Put a light duvet on the bed for your guests, and allow them to choose how warm they want to be. Add a multi-functional storage chest filled with blankets and extra pillows at the foot of the bed. Top the bed off with both soft and firm pillows. Your guest will appreciate your consideration.

Nature & Seasons

If you really want to up the ante, decorate your guest room seasonally. A vase with spray painted branches in winter, an array of pumpkins and cinnamon sticks in fall. Perhaps some seashells & sand filled vases in summer. Get creative and see what happens.

Dim the Lights

It’s important to account for the natural light that shines through the windows in the guest room. If you have a large window with ample natural light in your guest room, choose softer ambient lighting for the evening. Consider a chandelier with a dimmer option, and a bedside table lamp. If your guest room isn’t so giving with natural light, choose a ceiling lamp with some style, or track lighting for the maximum light distribution.    

An Added Touch

If you really want to make them feel at home, leave a little note on a spare house key. This way, they can go about their day without feeling like an inconvenience to you.It doesn't take much to show people that you care. Your guests will feel like you've gone above and beyond to make them comfortable.