IG Worthy Decorating

IG Worthy Decorating

The world of Instagram is raiding our daily lives. What once was just a collection of some of our favourite moments, is now a means of shopping, DIY projects, inspiration, recipes, and even self-help—the possibilities are endless. 

When it comes to posting pictures of our cozy abodes, many of us think to make it Instagram-able means investing in high-end decor for that perfect picture. However, the secret to getting that decor-guru aesthetic is a lot easier than you may think. We’re pooling ideas on how to capture more Insta-moments around your home. 

For the record, we want to clarify that any picture you take is Instagram worthy. Spend more time with your family and friends than you do analyzing every photo, post yet another picture of your dog, or bombard your feed with travel updates—it is all worthy.

Statement Wall
I know what you’re thinking, we’re really diving in with a statement wall right off the bat. However, we’re not saying you need to go out today and paint a mural in your bedroom. Your statement wall should reflect your personality, tell a story about the person that lives in this space. If you want to go all-in with funky wallpaper, do it. If you want to keep it simple and hang a few photos, do it. You make the rules, we just suggest them (Kidding.).

Making your statement wall is a fantastic way of getting crafty. This is your opportunity to channel your inner DIY-er and fire up the creative juices. If you’re set on a pattern for your statement wall, wallpaper or stencils will be your best friend. Remember to evaluate the rest of your room first, if the rest of the space is patterns and colours, choose carefully! 

I know, a lot of us are not that crafty by nature and shouldn’t be trusted with a bare wall and a can of paint. That’s fine! Your statement wall can be anything you want it to be. Get a piece of wall art, or several pieces, for a gallery. If the thought of measuring it all out and putting a perfectly placed gallery wall gives you a headache, plop them all down on a floating shelf.

Hang Lights
String lights, fairy lights, globe lights—no matter what you want to call them—have made their way from backyard patios, balconies, to the indoors. They come in all sorts, shapes, or tones, and there are so many ways you can use them to dress up your modern space in a chic way.   

Here a few simple ways to bring string lights inside:

  • Hang them over your dining room table in the replacement of a traditional chandelier.
    If you really want to accent the rest of the room, try zigzagging them across the ceiling.
  • Just right on the wall. Use your lights to break up a bare wall, or border them around the top of the wall before the ceiling.
  • Around the bed, or door. Use your lights to highlight the shape of a significant piece in your space, like the couch, bed, or door. 

Layer Up
Throw pillows and blankets will be your new best friend. 

If you’re going for the mix and match look, try using this general rule of thumb: one large print, one small print, one solid colour, and go from there! The idea is to not make things look too busy. When it comes to the throw, try big knit blankets or faux fur to bump up your aesthetics—and coziness.  

New throw pillows and blankets are an amazing way to change the look and feel of your space instantly while working within a budget. 

Go Green
Plants, plants, and more plants! A glimpse of nature in your home is always a sight that catches the eye. Even though indoor plants create an appealing look, their true benefits lay way beneath their alluring appearance.

There are so many reasons why we recommend decorating with plants, but most importantly because of the effect, they have on your health and mood. Except for the calming and soothing effect of the colour green, generally being that close to nature brings a sense of peace and well-being, calming the mind. 

You know what they say, a clear mind goes hand-in-hand with clear air. That’s probably never been said before, but we’re going with it. Their aesthetics aside, the best benefit of indoor greenery is their ability to improve the quality of air that surrounds them. 

Now when it comes to decorating, one of our favourites is a good floor plant—something big and bright. They add such a beautiful and natural element to any space and can hold a lot of visual weight in a minimalistic space. 

Reflect Yourself
Your decor should ultimately be a reflection of your personality, we say it all the time. @Pldetails knew she wanted to do something fun, and pink, with her space. For a long time, Jennifer swore by choosing neutral tones for larger, expensive pieces, until she didn’t. 

After many daydreams and thoughts of a blush pink sofa, she brought her dream to life with Marco, and what a difference it made. 

Statement Rug
Looking to add some liveliness to a dull space? Just like accent pillows and throws, a new rug takes your room from blah to bold in an instant. Like a work of art, a statement rug can capture the attention of any visitors in your space with a textural change and colours. 

To truly make a statement, find a rug with a striking pattern, or unusual colour combination. If you’re working within a space that has limited colours already, unrolling your new rug can be the key to enliven the whole feel. 

Mix and Match
When choosing items the spice up your decor, try not to feel limited with one style or colour palette. You would be amazing at how well odd items work together to create something so beautiful.

@WhatsUp.Juice took a small space and gave it a big look with the Carolmore cabinet, the Kisper coffee table, and the Andrea chair. For a lot of people, the idea of an orange sofa and blue accent chair seems like a bold move, but Juhui has proved how perfectly well they work together.

Remember not to stress about whether or not your decor is Insta-worthy, because it is! If your space is a reflection of yourself or if it is something you created with pieces you love then blast that all over your feed if you want too.