How To Pet Proof Your Home

It's time to talk about those family members that love to leave dirt, hair, and chewed up shoes all over our homes. That's right, our beloved fur friends.  They sure are cute and cuddly but do they ever leave a mess. There are a few steps you can take to minimize the housework needed when owning a pet. 

Let's be honest here, vacuuming is one of the worst chores around the house. From dragging out that bulky machine, to going over the same spot over and over because the dirt won't go away, to wincing every single time someone stepped on your newly vacuumed floor - it's not fun. So why not look for a rug that not only deters pet hair, but can hide it on those days that vacuuming just won't be happening. 

Olefin Fiber Rugs
Rugs made with olefin fibers such as polypropylene or polyethylene boasts the durability of an outdoor rug with more than enough softness to walk on barefoot. These types of rugs are typically very easy to clean, UV-resistant, as well as stain resistant. Show your high traffic areas that they’re no match for your ultra functional décor!

Olefin Fiber rugs are UV-resistant and stain resistant.

Tight patterns
A rug design can also make a big difference when your decorating needs to revolve around pets. Keeping large portions of solid colour space to a minimum and replacing it with tight patterns and intricate designs does a great job of hiding stains, dirt, and pet hair.

One of the most common ‘issues’ with owning a pet is the fur that is left all over your furniture. Not only can it leave your sofa covered, your pants earn a new layer each time you sit down. Even pet parents that have the power to resist those puppy dog eyes begging for couch privileges find fur ingrained in the fabric.
Leathers and microfibers are the best types of furniture fabric if you have pets.

One way to sidestep the matter is picking pet friendly fabrics. Leather is a great option as it’s easy to clean and doesn’t attract pet hair like most fabrics. The only thing to consider is the claw to leather contact. Some leather grades have a natural distressed look that would easily hide scratches – if not add to the deep-seated character of the leather. Another pet friendly fabric is a type of microfiber. The fibers are wound so tight that hair has a hard time weaving its way in, making fur easy to wipe away. An added bonus to a microfiber fabric is that more often than not, it is machine-washable. Many sofas come with removable cushion covers so if an accident were to happen – caused by a pet or something else – simply remove the cover and pop it in the washer. Good as new!
Storage Accents
Most dogs, especially younger dogs and puppies, enjoy chewing on anything and everything. That means nothing placed within their reach is safe. Coming home to magazines and remotes that have spent time doubling as a chew toy can be very exhausting. An easy solution to that is looking for accent furniture that features closed storage. Anything with cupboards or drawers will help keep your items out of your pups reach but easy access to you! No more stockpiling all of your stuff on top of your fridge in hopes that it will live to see another day.

Add closed storage spaces to protect things from your pets

With less cleaning to do, there's more time to spend with friends, family, and your furry companions. Good luck and happy pet proofing!