How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Oasis

The summer season brings a welcoming warmth that you can’t help but savour.  Lounging in the sun’s rays is as good as it gets during those precious months. As you may know firsthand, a true Canadian summer is often enjoyed outside, on a patio, or at the lake. What do you see when you picture your ideal summer spot?  Perhaps you’re surrounded by friends and family. Maybe you’re sitting on the most comfortable lounge chair with your favourite appetizer within arm’s reach propped beside a refreshing lemonade on the nearby coffee table. Maybe the smell of perfectly seared burgers is in the air. Imagine having all of that right in your own backyard. Let us help you make that vision a reality as we guide you through the process of creating the perfect outdoor oasis.

You’ll find a wide variety of outdoor seating that includes generously sized sectionals, comfy lounge chairs, gliding loveseats, and so much more. Don’t forget to prepare for those outdoor dinner parties. With tables that extend, or a pub set to switch up your style, to dining options that come with a mix of swivel chairs and benches, you’re sure to find something that’ll capture your summer loving heart. If you’re looking to heat up your backyard haven, take a look at our assortment of fire pit tables that function as both a coffee table and a stylish fire pit – the choice is yours.


The best part of warm weather is being able to soak up the sun every possible minute. You can’t do that without a comfortable seating area. This type of outdoor seating can be anything that could be mistaken for living room furniture.
Sectionals have become the need-to-have, ultimate outdoor addition. Some sectionals come with a matching coffee table to make socializing with beverages and snacks easy.  For the sectionals that come with ottomans, they can be used to put your feet up, as an additional seat, or topped with a tray to add a hard surface to hold drinks.  The versatility is endless!
Conversation sets have also made their way to the top of the outdoor essentials list. These sets can include anything from chairs and loveseats to benches and swings. Depending on what you’re looking for in a conversation set, some chairs rock while others swivel. Don’t be afraid to mix and match either – offer a little bit of everything! You’ll find the hours melting away while you relax on your own or visit with friends and family.


Take advantage of the outdoors and have your meals take place in your backyard – don’t waste the sunshine! As a classic patio option, outdoor dining sets sure have come a long way from your typical plastic seats. You can find sets that come with stackable chairs, swivel chairs, benches, or a mix and match of all three! Some tables are round, some are rectangle, and some even extend to make more space for guests.  Don’t forget about a pub style set option. With so many sizes and styles, it’s easy to find something to fit your space.  


The sun is often rejoiced, but sometimes should be rejoiced while staying covered. Overheating does happen, so stay cool under the shade of a large umbrella. This is the best way to stay out of direct sunlight while still enjoying the warmth of the outdoors. Many of our umbrellas fit neatly in the middle of our outdoor dining tables and conveniently tilt so no matter where the sun may be, there’s a way to stay in the shade.
Our Oakengrove Cantilever Umbrellas are perfect for conversation type seating. Did I mention that they can tilt and swivel around so you can always find that shady sweet spot? Did I also mention that they come with built-in solar lights? Yes, you read that right – built-in solar lights.  Say goodbye to extension cords and hard to hang string lights, and say hello to the new energy efficient way to light up your space.


Let’s be honest, pillows and rugs do all the decorating with little to no effort from us. Want to add a pop colour without getting a whole new patio set? Get a few throw pillows in a bright colour or an outdoor area rug with a fun pattern. Not only are they both incredibly useful for décor, pillows make outdoor afternoon naps way more comfortable and rugs make going barefoot is an absolute treat.


Keep the party going through the evening with the addition of a fire pit table. These innovative tables not only provide a place to put your beverage down, but remove the center cover and your table is transformed into a fire pit! No more spending time chopping wood and pleading with your kindling to welcome the flame. With the touch of a button, and an easy to use control panel, you’ve got a controlled source of light and a way to keep warm on those crisp and cool summer nights.


Use your patio to its full potential by pairing it with perfectly seared and mouthwatering food. To make that dining magic happen, you’ll need the perfect grill. Our selection of brand name grills is available in various sizes with features that include foldable side shelves for easy storing and side burner options to prep those delicious sides.


Spending time outdoors in the summer months is one of Canada’s greatest luxuries. Why not make it the absolute best it can possibly be? Design your space the way you want with the features you need, and you’ve created an outdoor oasis just a couple of steps from your home.