How to Create a De-stressing Corner in Your Home

How to Create a De-stressing Corner in Your Home

It seems that no matter what we do, we can’t completely escape stress. The trick is to find opportunities in your busy day to slow down, catch your breath, and clear your mind. If you can manage to do that, you’ll find things a little less chaotic when you emerge.

Many people find it hard to take that time, but a good way to give yourself permission is to create a de-stressing corner in your home. Trust us, if you dedicate a space to the art of relaxation and fill it with calming, comforting things, you’ll want to carve out some time to use it every day.

How you use it, of course is up to you. Maybe you just need to sit and rest, or maybe you’d like time to catch up on your reading or crochet project. Whatever you choose to do, make it something that’s good for your mind, body, and soul. (And, yes, that includes a little nap.)

Pick a Place

Your de-stressing “corner” doesn’t have to be in an actual corner but being tucked into a nook of sorts will help give you a cozy feel. If you can’t claim a corner, try creating one with a room divider, bookcase, or even a few large plants to delineate the space. The important part is finding an area that will be low traffic when you plan to use it, and set away from any visual chaos or noise.  

Colour Sets the Tone

Sorry—we couldn’t resist the pun, but it’s true. The right colors will soothe your soul and give you a head start to relaxation as soon as you enter the space. Look for furniture and accessories in soothing neutrals, grounding earth tones, or cooling greys and blues. If you have the opportunity to freshen up the paint in your space, select a shade in the same colour family for a calming, monochromatic effect.

Choose the Perfect Chair

There are several factors that go into determining what makes the perfect chair, but the most important thing to remember is it must be perfect for YOU. Your height and weight, and even how you sit, should all be considered when choosing what is arguably the most important piece of furniture in your space. Here are three styles that are guaranteed to de-stress:

The Chaise: We’re not sure of the science but putting up your feet must send a signal to the brain to relax. It works every time! With its extra-thick tufted back, the Alsen Chaise, pictured above, invites you to kick back in comfort and style.

The Wingback: Wingback chairs were originally designed to keep cold drafts off the user’s neck and ears—we love them for de-stressing spaces because they make you feel protected and cozy. The Romansque is a wingback with an updated silhouette and generous proportions, not to mention its stylish nail head trim, and is available in both fabric and super-soft velvet.

The Chair and a Half: If you have a bigger frame, like to sit with your feet tucked up beneath you, or occasionally share your chair with a little, the chair and a half is for you. Bigger than an armchair, but smaller than a loveseat, this style gives you a little more space between the arms to get comfy.

The Meditation Chair: Low slung and armless, the comfy Bales will help you achieve a zen state. The included bolster and cushion can be moved or removed to suit your sitting style, whether you are reclining with a book or finding your breath in padasana.

Pair Your Chair with a Handy Table

If you plan to bring anything into your space—a book, a beverage, a scented candle, your phone—a side table is a MUST. Make sure your table has ample room to hold your items and a little bit of storage space to tuck things out of sight. Remember, clutter = stress.

The Maguire end table, above, has open and concealed storage areas to keep your area looking neat and tidy while the Prescott features a hidden drawer for all your essentials.

Consider Extra Storage

Need room for more than a book and a bar of emergency chocolate? A storage ottoman, like the Dellara not only gives you a comfy place to put your feet up, but can hold your slippers, a warm throw, and your aromatherapy essentials. Adding a small bookcase is also a great idea to keep books, plants, and items that conjure up happy memories close by.

Add Cozy Accessories

Remember what we said about putting your feet up? The same can be said for cozy accessories. Fill your space with soft, inviting throws and pillows to encourage relaxation and comfort. This is also a great opportunity to introduce a little texture and liven up your space without adding too much colour or pattern.

Light it Up

To keep your de-stressing corner as relaxing as possible, make sure you can control the amount and even the temperature of the light i.e., warm vs cool light). Dimmable, warm, indirect lighting will make your space feel like a cozy cocoon when you need to retreat for some peace.

An easy way to achieve this is by pairing your floor or table lamp with a smart lightbulb. With just a couple of taps in the app, you can change the colour or brightness of the bulb and even create a relaxing mood with the look of flickering candlelight.

Positive Vibes Only

Only allow items in your space that make you feel happy and relaxed. i.e., this is not a place to open your bills or watch the news. Instead, hang one or two pieces of abstract or landscape art, or something with a subtle pattern that you can get lost in. (Think large scale macrame art or a living wall.)

Greenery is also a known de-stressor. Not only do plants look great, but they also purify the air in your home and provide a living medium that helps energy flow throughout your home. For that reason, it’s important to make sure the plants in your corner are in good health. If you have difficulty keeping plants alive, consider a few sprigs of real or faux greenery in a pretty vase, or something from elsewhere in nature, like a collection of pretty river rocks.  

Tie it All Together

Add a soft, neutral rug to give your feet a warm place to land, tie the look together, and distinguish your relaxation station from the rest of the room—if you already have wall-to-wall carpet in the space, don’t worry; layered rugs are a hot look right now.

TIP: When choosing the size of rug, make sure all furniture legs and décor items in the space sit fully within the rug’s boundaries to create a little room-within-a-room.  

Once all of the elements are in place, put your phone on silent and your feet up and take some time to truly enjoy your new space.

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