Make Your Home Greener

Make Your Home Greener

Making your home more eco-friendly is less daunting than you may think.

Every change contributes to a greener future, cleaner earth and could even save your household hundreds of dollars every year. Try starting small by substituting LED bulbs for incandescent ones, unplugging your appliances and electronics when not in use or go big by replacing old drafty windows and converting to energy efficient appliances. In fact, Energy Star Appliances can shave thousands of pounds off your carbon footprint every year.

Start making a bigger impact, reduce your carbon footprint and watch your savings add up.

About Energy Star Appliances

Energy Star appliances are specially built to use less energy than other appliances and emit less greenhouse gasses, without compromising performance.

Opting for Energy Star appliances not only saves you money on your monthly bills, they also are much more environmentally friendly than their counterparts. On average, Energy Star appliances use 10-50 percent less energy than traditional appliances– that equates to hundreds of dollars in savings each year for your household!

You can learn more about Energy Star appliances and research models by manufacturer on their website.

Savings in Your Province
There are lots of government programs in place across Canada that will help cover costs when improving the environmental footprint of your home. 

Ontario just rolled out a new Energy Savings Rebate program, with $200 million budgeted for eligible retailers – like us! – to provide rebates to customers! We’re now able to offer 25% off Energy Star appliances to Ontario residents to help you reduce energy usage, save money, and address climate change. 

Ontario Energy Savings
Rebate Program


Manitoba Hydro offers savings and rebates on environmental upgrades to your home, and also offers loans for making energy efficient upgrades to your home. Rebate amounts are as follows:

  • ENERGY STAR certified smart thermostats: $50
  • ENERGY STAR certified clothes washers: $100
  • ENERGY STAR certified clothes dryers: $50
  1. Must be purchased in conjunction with an eligible clothes washer
  2. Only models available in Canada.
  3. Gas dryers are not eligible
  • ENERGY STAR certified super-efficient refrigerators: $100
  1. Only models available in Canada.
  2. Must use at least 15% less energy than the federal standard
  3. Models must be at least 15 cubic feet in size.
  4. Compact, freezerless, and single-door models are not eligible
The customer will:
  1. Check the eligible products list found on the Efficiency Manitoba website
  2. Purchase the eligible product in-store or online (purchased on/after Jan 30)
  3. Complete an application form on the Efficiency Manitoba website and upload a picture of their receipt
  4. Receive their rebate by their preferred method: Interac money transfer or by cheque.

Manitoba Hydro
Savings And Rebates Programs

SaskEnergy is offering financing for Energy Star certified furnaces and other natural gas appliances, including a $650 rebate when you replace an existing furnace with a qualifying energy efficient natural gas model.

Energy Efficient Programs

Canada-wide: The $2 billion Low Carbon Economy Fund (LCEF) supports the Pan- Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change by leveraging investments in projects that will generate clean growth, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and help meet or exceed Canada’s Paris Agreement commitments.

If each of us does our part in reducing our environmental impact, we can make a difference! What changes are you making to become more environmentally friendly?