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Grandmillennial: Granny meets Chic

Who is Grandmillenial? 

You might notice her, hiding in the mix of the Millenial Instagram, in amongst the plant moms and the pizza slice pool floaties, in between the #SundayFundays and the #OOTDs. 

She is different
She is granny-chic

She is grandmillenial

Who doesn’t remember our grandma’s old sofa? It was probably huge, upholstered, or in some bold colour we swore we would never put in our home. Oh, how times have changed.

When building your space around a statement piece, you want to make sure it makes an impact. Finding a sofa with a winged back, or upholstered design will add that vintage-esque look we’re going for.


Lucky for you, the ways in which we can add pattern into our space is endless. From the walls to the furniture, the floors, window treatments, or the accents, you can find so many ways to build up your grandmillenial space one crazy pattern at a time. 


This is where your flea market and garage sale finds go hand in hand with traditional home decor. Go out and find as many floral lamps, decorative vases, or China sets you can possibly find and bring them all home without feeling too guilty. 

You know that saying, “another man’s junk is a grandmillenial’s treasure”. It may not go exactly like that, but it works. 


We’re not sure how or when the grandmillenial trend started to rise, all we know is that we’re not fighting it. It’s a trend that evokes a sense of home, safety, and family, and that never goes out of style.