Get Your Home Holiday Ready!

The Holidays can be a tough time for us all. Between the Christmas baking, shopping for gifts, coordinating time between friends and family, and maybe even some travel, we often don't think about how our home can help us deal with the holidays. Here are some helpful hints to use your home to your advantage this season! 

An ornament-filled Christmas tree in the living room

Deal with the Tree

Thankfully, not every holiday involves bringing an entire tree into your home, dressing it up, and propping it in the corner; but Christmas does. How can you deal with the tree in a way that is stylish and simple? A fake tree is a good option! It is better for the environment as you re-use it every year and some even come already wrapped in lights! But where to put it?

That corner where your end table usually sits can be a great spot for your tree! You can move the end table to the other side of the sofa, beside the loveseat, or leave the end table beside the tree and shift the furniture down the wall a few inches (this gives a cute spot to leave Santa’s cookies!) If you turn the chairs a bit more outward, you will present a more welcoming look for visitors that draws the eye right to your expertly decorated Christmas tree!

Mirrors make rooms feel larger

Christmas Magic

Not everyone has the time to knock down a couple of walls and expand their room before the holidays. So we need to create the illusion of a bigger room with some Christmas Magic!

Replace the small dark table lamps with a taller, brighter one. Or a standing lamp, then your end tables are free for the amazing apps you prepared.

Mirrors also make a room feel larger! A strategically placed mirror can make your room feel huge creating a space your guests can be comfortable in.

Shopping Spree

When you have done all you can do and you still aren’t happy, it might be time for something new! Get rid of the old sofa and upgrade to a sectional, look at some apartment sized furniture for your smaller room, or replace that old, bulky loveseat with two accent chairs. Smaller center tables add to a larger appearance and a cool power recliner with a USB charger means you can charge the iPad that keeps the little ones busy. Now is the best time to buy with all the Black Friday sales!

What techniques do you use to get your home holiday ready? Care to share some with us?