Fit with Furniture: A Workout Plan for Home

We are officially in the “I’m going to cancel my gym membership because I’m too busy—but I promise I’ll pick it back up when my schedule frees up (but it never frees up)” phase of 2023. If you are already considering dropping your fitness-focused new year's resolution, the chances are time probably plays a major factor in your decision.

Not only can you cut travel time and workout from home, but you can also save money on expensive gym equipment by using the comfort of your home to create a fun and fulfilling workout plan. Here’s everything you need to get fit with your furniture.

Lower Body (Calves & Quads)

Whether you’re new to fitness or an avid exercise enthusiast, you’ve probably heard the proverbial tears shed at the hands of “leg day”. The worst part of leg day is the walk of pain from the gym to your car and into the clutches of your couch or bed. Skip the walk and sit where you squat. Here’s a few exercises to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Low Chair Lunges

  1. Place your left foot on the chair with your toes touching the surface while your right foot remains under your shoulders for balance.
  2. Bend your right knee slowly up and down in a lunging motion.
  3. Repeat on the other leg.

Bench Step Ups

  1. Place a bench against a wall or on a carpet to secure the surface.
  2. Step up on the bench one leg at a time.
  3. Step down onto the ground one leg at a time.
  4. Repeat.
  5. Add dumbbells in your hands for an extra challenge.

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Core (Abs & Obliques)

The best way to feel the burn from home is to start at the core (literally). There are many ways to develop your abdominal and oblique muscles but the best way to work them out at home is to use your furniture for fun and functional exercises. Here are two ways to get a six pack from the comfort of your home.

Sofa Seated Crunches

  1. Sit on the edge of your sofa and place your hands on the cushions.
  2. Leaning back slightly with your legs extended, bend your knees and raise your legs towards your chest.
  3. Extend your legs back out and repeat.

Chair Torso Twists

  1. Lock the wheels in a swivel chair.
  2. Sit with your knees against (or in) the back of a swivel chair.
  3. Rotate at the torso to your right and then back to starting position.
  4. Once finished, switch the rotation to your left side and repeat.
  5. Add resistance bands for an extra challenge.

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Upper Body (Biceps & Triceps)

A common misconception in the fitness world is that you need to lift weights to build your upper body strength. The truth is your natural body provides the perfect workout equipment. Here are a few simple upper body exercises that require 0 equipment and 100% effort!

Sofa Tricep Dips

  1. Place your hands shoulder-width apart on a sofa with your body supported by your feet firmly on the ground.
  2. Using your arms to support the descent, lower your pelvis towards the ground by bending your knees.
  3. Return to the original position using your arms to propel your body upward.
  4. Repeat.

Coffee Table Decline Push-Ups

  1. Get into plank position with your arms and legs holding you up shoulder-with apart.
  2. Elevate your feet or hands on a stool or sturdy coffee table.
  3. Slowly lower your upper body towards the ground by bending your arms while keeping your back straight
  4. Once your nose is low to the ground use your arms to propel you back up to the original position.
  5. Repeat.

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Get Fit in 2023

Armed with a simple and practical home workout plan, you have everything you need to achieve your fitness goals in 2023! Don't forget to update your space with sleek, practical and stylish furniture that will provide comfort during and after your hard work. Good luck and happy lifting!

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