Find The Best Appliance For Your Home

Appliances are an investment. Appliances are used often, some even every day - so you need appliances that work for you and your home. Let's go through a few major appliances and see what kinds of questions you need to ask yourself before making a purchase. 

Top mount, bottom mount, french door.  With so many refrigerator options out there, how do you choose?  There are many questions you need to ask yourself before you take that step and buy your refrigerator.

  • How much space do I have?
  • How many people will be using this fridge?
  • Do I like a freezer on the top, bottom, or no freezer at all?
  • Do I want a certain colour?
  • What features do I need?

Start by figuring out how much space you have in your kitchen for the actual fridge. Measure your hallways and doorways to ensure it’ll pass through to get to its final destination.  Once that’s done, start thinking about the style you want.  If you like keeping your freezer items at eye level, a top mount fridge would be the way to go.  If you prefer a bucket style freezer and your fresh foods easily accessible, a bottom mount fridge may suit you better.  The french door design offers a couple different options including getting the best of both worlds with a freezer and fridge side-by-side design.  If a freezer isn’t something you need or you have an alternate freezer option, you can opt in for a freezerless fridge.
Now you can think about the different features available and which ones you need (or simply just want).  From humidity controls and full-width drawers, to ice makers and water dispensers, there are many features to pick from. 

Style determines it all.  Generally, your kitchen determines what style of range you need - unless of course you’re doing a kitchen renovation and you have the power to pick your range style first – with the style choices being built-in, slide-in, or free-standing.
The built-in option is typically a cooktop that is built-in to your counter or kitchen island with an oven situated elsewhere. Slide-in ranges do exactly like their name says - they slide into spaces in your kitchen. They do not have finished sides as they are not visible when placed in your kitchen. The free-standing style is the most common cooking unit. They are completely finished on all sides and can be placed wherever you’d like. 
A newer kitchen phenomenon is the double oven. This beauty features two ovens in one. Big meals, small meals, multiple dishes, or single dishes.  It doesn’t matter if you’re cooking for 10 or for one. A double oven could be exactly what you’re looking for.  Not only can the extra oven space make large holiday meals easier to prepare, using the smaller oven for single dishes saves energy with less preheating. 

The first thought that comes to mind when buying a dishwasher is “I want a big one so I can cram everything in there in one go”. All dishwashers are the same exterior size, but it’s the interior layout that makes a dishwasher seem bigger or smaller. So take your time checking out the layout – perhaps bring a few dishes to the store and really test it out! 
Next on the list: noise level. If you have an open concept home or a kitchen that is right next door to a bedroom, you may want to seek out a quieter appliance. The last thing you need is trying to put the kids to bed and all they hear is a loud humming noise through their walls – not fun!
Last but certainly not least, would be the aesthetics. There are different handles, shapes and sizes, hidden or visible controls, and different exterior colours. More often than not, people like matching their appliances.  This is where handles and colours would matter most.  As for the controls, that’s just personal preference.

Laundry appliance options are numerous.  The first step is determining whether you want a top load or a front load washer. With a top load, you’re loading and unloading while standing, avoiding unnecessary bending. Another advantage is that you can continue to add items after the cycle has begun – perfect for any last minute additions. Front load washers are generally more energy efficient while offering more capacity due to the non-agitator design. Another advantage is most front load models can be stacked with a simple stacking kit. This limits the need to bend, and it saves floor space.  From there, determine your capacity needs – how many items am I looking to wash at once?  Do I need enough space to wash large bulky items?
Once you’ve got your needs met, it’s time to move on to the wants. With so many features and different cycles available, there’s something for everyone. Perhaps you want the option to steam your clothes and skip out on those dry cleaning fees.  Maybe safety features such as child lock controls and automatic shut-off options are important to you. The options are endless so do a little research to find the ones that matter most.

For a more detailed guide to help with your buying decision, check out our buying guides to make your shopping a better experience