5 Fall Tablescape Ideas

A fall tablescape with cornucopias and decorative white pumpkins.

The fall season brings new meaning to quality time with family, friends and loved ones. Between holiday dinners and spontaneous family gatherings, dining room tablescapes set the stage for new memories to live in the heart of your home.  

Here are five ways to elevate your dining room with stylish fall tablescapes.

1. Boho Tablescape

Boho or Bohemian is an interior design style that brings the beauty of the outdoors in. With inspiration from nature’s colours, textures and patterns, boho furniture breathes a sense of fresh air into your home.

Create an inviting fall tablescape with a boho-style table, chairs and tabletop accessories. Here are three boho-style dining room furniture pieces to create a nature-inspired fall tablescape.

A wooden table with curved edges and a wooden bench.

Expertly crafted from premium Acacia Wood, the Aisling Table features a generous length of 79" and comfortably accommodates up to six guests. It’s natural wood grain brings a warm sense of the outdoors while the inviting curves of the table add a modern element of style. The combination of the style and shape of this boho table makes for the perfect base for a beautiful fall tablescape.

The Jocelyn Trays feature a similar wood grain to the Aisling Table but add versatility to your fall tablescape with their compact size and stylistic functionality. If you’re worried about the wood grains clashing, place a black or dark-coloured table mat underneath the tray for contrast or utilize the trays in the surrounding areas of the dining room to continue the boho theme. Stylish tabletop trays allow more layers and style into the tablescape without appearing cluttered or messy.

Two wooden trays with several succulent plants on it.

Candle holders are a great option for all-day style and versatility. Along with the opportunity to set the mood in your dining room, candle holders provide added layers of style without taking up too much room on your fall tablescape. The Eudocia Candle Holder combines the beauty of seeded glass with the natural feel of hemp rope to create a tabletop accessory that suits a boho-style tablescape.

two glass candle holders with hemp rope wrapped around it.

2. Bright & Vibrant Tablescape

Fall is the most colourful season of the year.  As vibrant leaves line the ground and shades of orange pumpkins sit on full display, now is the perfect time to bring colour indoors. Here are three ways to add saturation to your fall tablescape.

A natural wooden bench with tree-like edges and leather chairs.

Firstly, create a base where your pops of colour will thrive. The Bent Table is a perfect choice to set the stage for a bright and vibrant tablescape as the general design falls in the realm of boho-style furniture but the simple dark iron base provides a simple and easy-to-style design. Essentially, this table acts as the canvas for the tablescape rather than the painting itself.

The best part of the bright & vibrant style is the opportunity to continue with the same design but swap the colours to match the season. The Lemmitt Vase comes in three different colourways (orange, blue and teal), providing the perfect complement for fall, winter and spring.

A orange vase next to plates and a few oranges on a counter.

While colour brings vibrancy to any space, stylish chandeliers or pendant lights put a spotlight on your beautiful tablescape design. The transparent glass of the Avalbane Chandelier matches the vibe of the clear Lemmitt Vase and the dark grey metal finish pays homage to the iron base of the Bent Table, creating a unified and cohesive fall tablescape your family and friends will love.

A translucent chandelier with lots of natural light flowing in from a nearby window.

3. Modern Minimalist Tablescape

Sleek lines and neutral colours paint an accurate picture of the modern minimalist style. With simple shapes and shades of black, white and grey, the focus is on the cohesion of style between the accessories and the dining table to create simplistic beauty. In other words, less is more. Here are three modern minimalist products to add to your fall tablescape.

A faux marble tabletop with black legs to support.

The Zara Leg Table is a perfect example of modern minimalism. One of the driving forces behind this style is the furniture’s ability to fit in any room and the Zara Leg Table checks that box. The neutral colours of the black legs and the faux marble top create a sleek and simple canvas for future tablescape accessories.

Here’s an insider secret about the modern minimalist style, not everything is black and white—both, literally in the sense of colour, and figuratively from the standpoint of creativity. The Rhaveney Vase provides a great example. The vase is sleek and all-black but presents the opportunity to add colour with the simple addition of your favourite flower. Just by adding a single sunflower, you can add an abundance of colour without disrupting the overall theme of the fall tablescape.

A black vase with a slender top.

There is so much value in buying sets of accessories rather than single items. The Dorelia Accessory set is the perfect modern minimalist addition to your arsenal of tabletop accessories. With three neutral-coloured vases and two stylish serving plates, this set adds functionality to your tablescape design.

A collection of neutral colour vases and dishes.

4. Fall Farmhouse Tablescape

Farmhouse style is a staple in interior design. With a focus on readily available materials and colours, the roots of this style are wood, white tones and vintage vibes. Creating a farmhouse-style tablescape is a great way to drive nostalgia and make you and your guest feel like fall has finally arrived. Here is a collection of fall farmhouse-style furniture and accessories.

A farmhouse-style dining table with matching decor.

Wood? Check. White tones? Check. Vintage vibe? Check. The Realyn Table is the modern embodiment of the farmhouse style. With an intentional chipped white finish and rustic carved legs, this extendable table is the perfect choice to play canvas for your fall tablescape.

What screams “farmhouse vibes” more than rusty milk cans? That’s a rhetorical question. Yesteryear's goods are revived with modern-day appeal in this 3-piece milk can set. The antiqued brown and green finished metal adds a beautiful nostalgic element. This trio accentuates farmhouse décor and is the perfect addition to your fall tablescape.

Three rustic milk cans on a tabletop.

The Emele Candle Holder embodies rustic elegance. Its distressed finish and intricate detailing evoke a cozy, fall charm. This piece adds the quintessential touch of warmth and nostalgia to any harvest-themed setting and pairs well with the other items in this collection.

three lit candles sit on farmhouse-style candle holders.

5. Golden Autumn Tablescape

Aside from orange and brown, gold is fall’s favourite colour. Just like the shimmering of leaves falling from the trees, gold accents create a great visual that makes it feel like fall has arrived. Here is a collection of golden accessories and the perfect dining table for your tablescape vision.

An all black table with a thin but elegant tabletop.

Punctuate your golden accents by providing the perfect dining table to complement their shine. The Amaze Table is completely black, providing an amazing contrast to the golden tabletop accessories. Plus, the dining table is extendable, providing the opportunity to accommodate up to 10 people.

The Marisa Candle Holder is the perfect gold centrepiece for your holiday dinner or fall get-together. The simple design perfectly complements the gold finish and sets the stage for a beautiful fall tablescape.

A set of gold candleholders.

As discussed, trays are the perfect way to add functional style to your table. With the ability to rearrange your space with ease and timeless style, the Posy Tray is the perfect golden addition to your fall tablescape.

A gold tray.

The Feeling of Home

With the weather cooling down, fall presents the perfect time to reimagine your space. Find your favourite style and start planning your fall refresh using these products as inspiration. Check out our social media for more popular fall styles and inspiration.

If you'd like to learn more about the fall styles or could use some help exploring our store, book a free appointment with one of our style experts.