Do Your Appliances have to Match?

Most homeowners are not comfortable mixing kitchen appliances without the help of a decorator, but most homeowners are not aware of all the different colours that appliances now come in!

Traditional colours like stainless steel and white are still around but new looks like black stainless steel, red, blue, sunset bronze, and even whispers of copper and rose gold make matching appliances something to give a second thought.

dufresne, appliances, blue

Not matching appliances is a risk. If you change your mind it is harder to change your appliances then your wall colour.

So how do you do it? Pick one appliance to stand out and really make it stand out.

dufresne, appliances, red

Picking one appliance to stand out makes it the statement piece. It will be the focal point of the kitchen and will look like a deliberate choice instead of an accident.

Avoid making it look like you are upgrading your kitchen one piece at a time by making that statement piece a real statement. Don’t go with stainless steel fridge if all your appliances are white. Look at red, blue in combination with white or stainless steel appliances, and look at black stainless steel if your other appliances are also stainless steel.

Comment below if you are going to use this advice to mismatch your appliances, or if you are one the matching appliances team for life!