Custom Experience

Designing your dream furniture is easier than you think. To prove it, we sat down with our Upholstery Category Manager, Jessica Smithson, to give you the scoop on our My Custom program. “The number one benefit of customization is that you don’t have to settle,” says Smithson. “You can get that unique blue fabric sofa that matches an heirloom rug, or find a sectional configuration that fits and functions in your room perfectly.” Whether you have an awkward corner in your living room, an older piece you’re trying to pair with this new piece, or an exact vision of your space in mind, we’ll help you build exactly what you need.

“Understanding how a piece of furniture will fit spatially is so important, so your experience should start with our room planning tool,” Smithson says. Where is your TV in relation to the couch? Are there any obstacles that you need to work around? Are there elements of the room that can’t be moved, like a column or vent? All of these details are important in designing furniture that works for you.

After your initial planning, select your perfect fit. Choose a size and configuration that work with your style and space. Think about what the furniture will be used for, and move forward from there. Just because you love an ultra-modern chaise, doesn’t mean it will work for your family.

The key to creating a piece that you’ll truly love is thinking critically about functionality. Next, customize the piece with different cushion densities, arm styles, and more – we can even customize the legs of couches and chairs. These little details pull some serious weight in defining the style of the furniture. Even something as simple as opting for metal instead of wooden legs can completely change the feel of the piece.

Then, refine your look by choosing from over 350 different fabrics and leathers available. The same style of couch has a completely different feel in leather than it does in a blue velvet.

Make it yours: Custom Options for your Furniture

Though it means you won’t walk out with a dining room table the same day as you step in the store, designing your own furniture is worth it. Taking the time and care to go down the custom road means that your piece is exactly what you want and is made to your specifications – and will serve you for a long time.

“Have patience with the custom experience and enjoy the anticipation of looking forward to that final product arriving in your home,” Smithson recommends, adding, “The sense of pride and accomplishment is guaranteed.”