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Classic with a Twist

Classic with a Twist can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. We spoke with Lynn Fenwick of Fenwick & Company Interior Design to get a clear picture of Classic Style with a Twist!

Q: What is Classic Style with a Twist?

F: Well, classic styles are styles of furniture that have been used in the past. I mean, they could be traditional, they could be Art Deco, they could be any of the styles that have happened previously. But, they are refashioned in a new way to suit our new lifestyle with inspiration drawn from the classic style. So, that’s the twist we are taking; classic design but using all of the materials that we now have, with new technologies and rethinking that classic look.

Q: How can people incorporate Classic with a Twist into their home?

F: I think that with the new hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) style*, everything is going in that direction. You can mix and match things that inspire you, that you are drawn to. It’s something that holds a story where there is a reason to put it on display or put it in your home. As long as there is some kind of nod to it not just once, but maybe a couple of places, then you can certainly pull it off.

Q: What way do you see this style being used?

F: I think anyone can do Classic with a Twist. There are some styles that date themselves like Midcentury Modern. Maybe it’s not hot in five years, but if you buy a couple pieces that you incorporate because it fits your lifestyle, then its going to fit the room. You can keep classic pieces moving forward no matter what style you have. I mean, we are ever evolving people today so if this is a piece that you absolutely love, you will be able to use it no matter what style your house is.

F: Totally sustainable! I think as we move forward we are looking to the past. if you are looking for a classic style in the most contemporary space, you'rE looking at Classic with a Twist!

Q: Is Classic with a Twist a sustainable style or a trend?

*Hygge is a Dutch expression meaning “finding joy in everyday moments”. This translates to interior design with the inclusion of items that make you happy or have meaning.

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