Boho Bedroom Makeover

Recently, we sat down with one of our style ambassadors Ashley Trethart (who many of you may know as @bottlesandblondes) to learn more about her recent bedroom makeover.

After years with the same furniture in her space, it was time for a refresh and we are super excited to have been able to work with Ashley to help bring her boho bedroom dreams to life!  

If you’ve been thinking about updating your bedroom or have been eager to find a way to fall in love with your space again, you’ve come to the right place!

Q & A with Ashley from Bottles 'n' Blondes

What made you decide to tackle your bedroom this year?
Over the last year and a bit, we’ve slowly been updating our home. Out of all the remaining spaces, our bedroom was definitely in need of a major upgrade!

Tell us about the room before the makeover – what didn’t work with the space?
To be honest, our bedroom never really had a theme. Because we had purchased so much of our furniture individually, it was hard to make the room flow. I also didn’t really like our queen bed frame and felt like it was looking a bit dated compared to style we had been going for with the other rooms in our house.

Tell us about your vision for the bedroom.
With 3 small children, our lives are insanely busy. I wanted our bedroom to be an oasis that we could go to instantly feel calm after a long day. It was also important to make the room match the vibes of the rest of our house. To create some interest for the space, I wanted to incorporate different textures and keep it light and bright looking too.

What were “must get” items for your bedroom makeover?
Out of all my ideas for the space, my “musts” were a new queen bed frame and some new nightstands. Our old bed frame was at least 10 years old, and the nightstands didn’t really match anything in our room!

Where did you find your inspo for the space?
I found my inspo from Pinterest! I put together a vision board of how I wanted the space to look and feel, which really helped when picking out the new pieces for the room.

How did you approach choosing furniture/accessories for the space? Do you have any tips to share?
I referenced my vision board and trusted my gut on which pieces I was drawn to. If the piece I liked didn’t perfectly match the vibe and theme I was going for, I moved on until I found something that went perfectly! I would highly recommend putting together a vision board when you are putting together a space. It really helps to see if your items ‘go’ with one another, especially from a colour matching perspective when looking at materials and paint colors.

Which pieces from Dufresne did you choose?
We chose the Dolante Queen Upholstered Bed in beige, and the Glen Abbey Nightstands in brown.

Besides the new bedroom furniture, what other changes did you make to bring the room all together?
We painted the walls with the color Swiss Coffee at 75% strength from Benjamin Moore and installed new LVP flooring from Shaw Floors. We also added some new greenery and accents throughout the room to make it more boho-like.

How do you feel when you walk in or wake up in your new room?
I feel Zen and serene when I step into our new space. It instantly makes me feel calm - which is exactly the vibe I was going for!

How does your new space reflect your personal style?
The new space reflects my personal style perfectly. The rest of our home is very boho mixed with accents of greenery, and is also very light and bright in terms of a colour palette.

Do you have any advice for creating a space for you and your partner vs a family space?
I think it’s very important to have a space that is just for you even when you have a family. We try really hard to keep our children’s toys in their own separate space. Storage is key! We also try to keep our children accountable for looking after their toys and try to remind them to put their things away. It doesn’t always work but it does help with separating the two!

Any final thoughts?
We are so happy with our new bedroom furniture and love our new space so much! The look of our new room is exactly the vibe that I was going for, and I couldn’t be happier with how well everything turned out. I love how bright and cozy it feels – there’s just a lightness about it that I can’t get enough of!

If you are thinking about making a change to a room in your home, I highly suggest that you take the plunge and do it!

Shop the Look

Ashley needed her bedroom to be a relaxing and peaceful space, and the elegant Dolante Queen Upholstered Bed was a great place to start.

With its clean, streamlined silhouette, the Dolante Queen Upholstered Bed brings a calm, airy atmosphere ideal for relaxation. Its neutral fabric colour also pairs beautifully with a wide variety of accents and bedding essentials for easy decorating! Ashley paired hers with a beige neutral throw to add some additional texture to her boho dream room.

Dolante Queen Upholstered Bed

If the upholstered texture is not for you, you can still achieve a boho look with a light-coloured wood piece!

Bellaby Queen 3 Piece Panel Bed

The Bellaby Queen 3 Piece Panel Bed is the perfect addition to any room with its wispy whitewash palette that sweeps over the set without covering the grain for a weathered, rustic look. With headboard border panels and two drawers at the foot, you’ll have a stylish boho retreat to return to every night before you sleep!

If cooler tones are more your vibe, there’s also the Kamryn Queen Upholstered Bed!

Kamryn Queen Upholstered Bed

With its upholstered headboard and pine frame, this bed frame is the perfect way to achieve a modern yet boho look. If you’re hoping to incorporate different textures into your space like Ashley did as well – a dual textured piece can really help blend all the items in your room together!

Let’s talk nightstands. After replacing her 10-year-old frame, Ashley needed some new nightstands! To break up the room and add some dimension to the space, Ashley chose the Glen Abbey Nightstands.

Glen Abbey Nightstand
Glen Abbey Nightstand

If you like the look but would prefer a style without the space on top, the Trinell 2 Drawer Nightstand is a great substitute.

With its rustic finish, plank-style details and nailhead trim, the Trinell 2 Drawer Nightstand is the perfect way to add some charm to your space. Did we mention this nightstand has built-in charging station for tablets, cellphones and other electronics too?

If the two-toned look is not your favourite, why not get matching nightstands? The Bellaby Queen 3 Piece Panel Bed mentioned above also has matching nightstands, which are the perfect addition to any boho space.

Bellaby Nightstand
Bellaby Nightstand

With a super spacious drawer lined with faux linen laminate, the Bellaby Nightstand is a popular pick. This piece also features a slim USB charger on the back to accommodate all your charging needs.

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