Benefits Of An Adjustable Bed

Before we get started, I want to clear the stigma around adjustable beds. They are not just for hospital rooms or the elderly. People of all ages, all backgrounds, and all lifestyles benefit greatly from a good night’s sleep and an adjustable bed can help you have that great sleep you need. Not to mention, everyone loves a lot of comfort and deserves a touch of luxury.

Although adjustable beds were originally developed to revolutionize the health care industry, they were redeveloped to extend the same comfort and health benefits to your everyday person. So what exactly are the benefits of an adjustable bed? They can be broken down into two categories: comfort benefits and health benefits.


Infinite Positions
Many people like to wind down reading their favourite book or catching up on their TV shows. If you’re one of those people that like to do this directly in bed, I’m sure you’re familiar with the awkward stacking of pillows that just never feels quite right. With an adjustable bed, there are infinite positions that can be reached with the touch of a button. Avoid the need for a pillow mountain that will inevitably let you down in the end. Want to take it a step further? No problem.  Most adjustable beds are able to incline the foot of the bed as well.  This means you can lift the top and the bottom to create a lounger position, the ultimate comfortable position to be in for those Netflix binge marathons.

Innovative Features
Many adjustable beds come with additional features like a built-in massage function or nightlight. The soft vibrations are a great way to relax and feel completely at ease – exactly how you want to feel when you’re in bed! The nightlight feature is a great way to turn off your bedroom lights but still being able to see your way to your bed so you’re not stumbling around hoping that you don’t stub your toe on that sharp bed corner. Yes, you could get a lamp, but then the space on your bedside table is being taken up by a bulky lamp.


Have you ever woken up rubbing your neck and wondering how it got so sore? That’s because pillows can’t create the soft incline of an adjustable bed.  Your head and neck end up spending 8 hours propped in an uncomfortable position. The soft incline keeps your neck and spine at a more natural position, keeping unwanted pressure away. That built-in massage function that was mentioned earlier comes in handy in the health category too. The gentle massage helps relax your muscles and helps increase circulation. With people working more than ever these days, putting a strain on their bodies in detrimental ways, it never hurts to do everything you can to relieve that pain because you’ve only got one body - it’s best to take good care of it.

Over 1 in 4 adults have reported having symptoms that are related to sleep apnea. Many people with sleep apnea snore throughout the night.  Not only does snoring disrupt your sleep, it can also disrupt the sleep of your partner. Snoring happens when the weight of your neck presses down on your windpipe and the air makes noise as it’s passing through. Having a slight incline while you sleep will alter the way your neck weight falls, reducing the snoring sound.

Healthy Insides
We can all picture our moms telling us as youngsters to not eat too close to bedtime, and as they say, moms know best. But sometimes you just can’t help eating too late.  Whether life took too long to wind down that day, or you couldn’t resist that delicious late night snack that was calling your name. with an adjustable bed, you can position yourself slightly inclined so your body can still digest properly while you sleep.
So whether you’re 25, 55, or 85, an adjustable bed can benefit you. Whether to help you get the best sleep of your life night after night, or make late night reading easier, consider how an adjustable bed can make a positive impact on your everyday life – you do spend 8 hours a day in bed after all.