BEFORE You Buy Kitchen or Laundry Appliances

So many things go into buying appliances; the features, the colours, the price. We have some things you should consider before looking for the dream fridge or laundry pair!

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Measure everything, Twice!

There is nothing worse than the delivery guy bringing your stove into your kitchen to find a 2-inch gap between the counter and the stove.
Always make sure you measure the space for your appliance, better yet, have someone else measure it too and then compare numbers! Try to avoid measuring your current appliances as they might not be the perfect fit for your space. When you buy shoes you try them on with your feet; you don't compare them to the shoes you're wearing.
If you have a kitchen island, measure the distance from the island to the counter, and to the back wall where your appliances will sit. What good is a dishwasher you can only open half way?


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Take pictures or have drawings.

You might think you have thought of everything, but it's better to be safe than sorry. If you forget something about the layout of your laundry room that could mean disaster. Bring a sketch of your room layout including the measurements, or better yet, a picture with size references. This way, the Appliance Expert can take a look and make sure what your getting is the perfect fit for you're space.


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Where is it going?

Ok, obviously the clothes dryer is going in the laundry room, but does it require venting? On which side? Will there be clearance room in the back? Look at not just your walls but your ventilation and access to water or drainage. A situation like this is where pictures can be great because if you forgot to take note of this stuff, the Appliance Experts would be able to take a look for you.

Take these things into consideration when looking for Kitchen or Laundry appliances and the Appliance Experts will be able to guarantee that you are happy with your selection.