Bedroom Storage

Bedroom Storage

The bedroom is limited to our everyday essentials, so naturally, it’s prone to clutter—and a lot of it. Trying to live large in a small bedroom? The secret is in how you manage your storage.

What do you do with all of your things that require storage? Clothes, shoes, books, keepsakes – they all need to be put somewhere, but that’s easier said than done when you are running low on space.

As advocates for the doing-more-with-less philosophy, we know that when it comes to the bedroom it’s hard to pare down and get rid of things. Here are some smart ways to fit more in your bedroom without it feeling cramped. If you cannot avoid the clutter, there are ample options for storage in your bedroom that simplifies the need to keep your personal items close to you but out of view from guests, especially if you live in a small space. 

Under the Bed

There’s a ton of real estate room under your bed that typically goes unused. It is the perfect place to stow away your items because they are easy to hide and out of the way. To make your life easier, many beds now come with under-bed storage drawers. This is a fantastic feature, especially if you want to keep your items organized in different compartments or if you are sharing the drawers with your partner.

Hidden storage in specific drawers can make a world of difference. Whether you’re out of town for the weekend or travelling the globe for an extended period of time, these hidden compartments will let you rest easy so you can enjoy your time.

Head Board

If you’re dealing with a serious lack of space in the bedroom, it might be time to invest in a utilitarian headboard. 

A headboard can be much more than it lets you see. Find a piece that includes shelves or clever storage compartments for the items you want to keep extremely close to you at night, but don’t want on display. This can act as a great resting spot for your glasses, reading materials, cellphone, or any other bedtime must-haves.

Optimize your Nightstand

Some nightstands offer much more storage than others. If you have been using a small shelving unit to store your bedside items, you are most definitely not optimizing your storage capabilities. 

Try a nightstand with drawers, or even double up with a small dresser as your nightstand. This would give you more space for clothing, bedding, blankets, and personal items as well as allow you to keep them as tidy, or messy, as you want—only you have to look inside the drawers.

Consider a Bench

If you’re already using a bench at the foot of your bed or were considering getting one, this is another great opportunity to add a little more storage into the mix. 

Shop for the perfect storage bench, or chest, that will match your bedroom aesthetic and serve as the perfect place for items you don’t want on display. Decorative and functional, our favourite. 

Wardrobe or Dresser?

Wardrobes are a hybrid between a dresser & a mirror. This replaces a need for a dresser and saves approximately 20% more space along with 30% more storage capacity. The best part? They are extremely stylish and functional for any space.

Pro-tip: Double up function with a wardrobe or chiffonier that includes a mirror. You can save wall and floor space while storing your belongings—now that’s a win-win.