Back-to-school Essentials

Whether you’re a college freshman looking for cheap ways to customize your dorm, or a parent gearing the kids up for class—we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips to get ready for the new school year.

What are essential school supplies that will help make your home more efficient?
When the kids need to get ready for school, and you must do everything in time before heading to work—efficiency is a must. Therefore, to get ready for the back-to-school season, you’ll need not only ballpoint pens, coloured pencils and highlighters but also some smart organization items to keep your home clutter-free.

Cubbies are a great way to teach children to keep everything organized. Provide a cubby for each child and tell them to use it to put items away after coming home from school and to pick up what they need before leaving the house in the morning. Placing cubbies at the entrance of the home is a smart solution to reduce clutter inside. If you want something stylish, you can choose a cubby bench and put it in the hallway. Hang a mini chalkboard above the cubbies and write messages to remind everyone to put their stuff away when they come back home.

Among the most important back-to-school essentials, there are after-school snacks, but they can create clutter in the kitchen if young kids take them from the cabinets on their own. Something as simple as clear plastic bins can help you keep your kids’ snacks more organized. Fill the bins with snacks and place them on a shelf or inside a drawer that is low enough for the kids to access it easily. Because the bins are clear, the children can see immediately what’s inside to prevent them having to empty all the bins and create clutter. This simple solution can also help make breakfast quicker and easier in the morning.

If your kitchen is large enough, you can also create a station for breakfast and after-school snacks with a full cabinet or an occasional table and maybe even a mini refrigerator. Keep the kid-friendly station in a low-trafficked area to prevent the kids from getting in the way when you’re preparing dinner. Another clever idea is creating a small homework area in the kitchen by converting existing cabinets and shelving or adding a small desk in an unused nook. Depending on the solution of your choice and the age of your kids, you can add a regular chair or a bar stool.

How to decorate your dorm room and make it amazing
Maybe you’re a college student on a budget, wondering what to buy for your dorm room to make it feel like home. No worries: a great decor doesn’t need to be costly. There are many ways to create a cozy setting, even if your dorm has restrictions about what you can do with the space.

First of all, stock up on colourful home decor accessories like throw pillows and small area rugs. A pop of colour goes a long way to make the room more enjoyable, especially since most dorms have white-painted walls. If you have enough space, adding floor cushions is another way to decorate the room; they supply seating options for friends as well as a stylish touch to improve the overall feel of the room. If you need extra storage for toiletries, school supplies and other small items, buy some nice storage baskets. They help you keep everything tidy while adding some personality to your space. An essential for a dorm room is a bookcase, ideal to give you easy access to files and text books.

Also, don’t forget that many dorm rooms have dull lighting. If this is the case for you, consider adding compact lighting options, like a table lamp you can place on your desk or nightstand. This makes those late-night studying sessions easier on your eyes. In addition, fairy lights are an easy way to decorate a wall. With cheap clothespins, hang photos of family or friends on a string of fairy lights to look at when you miss your loved ones back home.

Adding a couple of potted plants to your room purifies the air and complements the decor of your choice nicely, provided that you remember to water them as needed. Among the most low-maintenance, student-friendly plants you can find are aloes and succulents. Lastly, don’t forget to personalize the walls. Use wall art, temporary wallpaper or even washi tape to create an original look. Bonus points if you find pieces that remind you of home.

Whether you want to make your home ready for the back-to-school season or personalize your dorm room, there are many cost-effective ways to create the right decor for your needs and set up smart storage and organization options.

How are you getting ready for back-to-school? Let us know in the comments below.