Astrology: Furniture for Every Sign

With more than a third of Canadians turning to astrology for guidance, we thought it would be fun to see if this mysterious method could help with choosing your home décor. Who knows—maybe we can even cure some designer’s creative block!

Air Signs
Those born under air-touched signs like their homes to be an oasis by creating a relaxing environment with plenty of room to move. These signs can use space-saving furniture to create open areas to let the air flow.


Aquarians are lulled by the flowing river colours of shaded teal, cobble grey, and cobalt blue. They love innovative designs and maintain a minimalistic clutter-free approach allowing for plenty of movement. Aquarians are lulled by the flowing river colours of shaded teal, cobble grey, and cobalt blue. They love innovative designs and maintain a minimalistic clutter-free approach allowing for plenty of movement.


Think neutrals with bold pops of colours, or a mix of vintage and modern décor. To ensure there is room for this intellectual’s good reads we suggest entertainment centres and fireplace mantels with built-in bookshelves with double the storage, allowing for that extra space.


Choose pastels like subtle pinks, blushing lilacs or delicate blues to help quiet the senses. To fulfill Libra’s favourite pastime of bringing sizable groups of people together, opt for a combination of loveseats, ottomans and poufs, then move the pieces out of the way when a dance floor is needed—stat.

Water signs
Let’s be honest, water signs can be on the sensitive side. In much the same way the moon controls the ocean, colour can often govern the ebb and flow of emotions. Go for aqueous colour schemes and furniture choices that mesh well with your love of H2O.


Ensure there is always plenty of room to socialize by adding a full-sized sectional to fit all the friends, and all the family. Accommodate Pisces’ eccentric tastes by including chairs and accent pieces that may be small in stature but take center stage.


Select art and accents that feature water scenes, maybe add in a little fountain for some comforting sounds. Steer clear of bright or bold colours when adorning a room for a sky crab. It’s best to choose a white backdrop accented with lighter shades of creamy orange or a deep blue.


Stabilize your Scorpion with symmetry and keep colours primarily neutral and subdued with added pops of red to mimic their bursts of energy.

Fire signs
I think we all know, just like the name sounds, that fire signs are bold, passionate creatures with an insatiable desire for life. Make colour choices that heat the space up and compliment their outgoing personalities.


Consider a unique ottoman that doubles as a coffee table or a storage box.  Complement this brazen sign’s uniquely flamboyant style with an accent wall mural painted in fiery reds, eye-popping pinks, burning oranges and dazzling golds.


Highlight these Leonian characteristics with henna-brushed red, bittersweet orange, and rich butterscotch against a dramatic white canvas. The streamlined profile of new-age furniture speaks volumes to the lion of the zodiac, so modern chairs mesh well with a Leo’s eccentric personality.


The adventurous nature of the Sagittarius-born calls for design elements that make the home feel exotic. Search out articles of furniture with colours that resemble the welcoming hues of a blazing fire. Consider a wine or beer fridge, to help cool things down when needed.

Earth signs
Earth signs embody the strength and durability of their associated element and thrive in organic surroundings. If all else fails, appease these stubborn signs with an abundance of terrestrial colours that reflect their natural roots.


Capricorns stride confidently through life, and their home décor should reflect that. Opt for sleek lines and modern pieces to accentuate the personality of this Earth sign’s undaunted personality.

Don’t forget the hues! This sign needs bold colours to counterpart strong lines—you cannot lose with blue, black, and slate. Et voila! The perfect room for any Capricorn.


Make room for a built-to-last recliner to lounge in and shed the day’s stress. In a colour palette, these bulls look for earthen hues sprinkled with shades of dusty rose and robin’s egg blue.


Accommodate Virgo’s need for organization with stylistic furniture that incorporates built-in cubby spaces. While this sign loves the purity of white, spice things up by interlacing the design with avocado greens and tawny browns.

Now that you have an idea how to decorate and choose furniture by the zodiac, browse our site for more even more options. Have you found the perfect astro-inspired piece for your home? Let us know by tagging #DufresneStyle on Instagram