Area Rugs 101

They say art can define a room. It can tie a room together or change the look entirely. It can soothe, inspire, or ignite conversation. Rugs are a form of art - floor art, as we like to call it. With countless patterns, soft colour palettes, or bright bursts of colour, along with different textures and fabrics, a rug can help you express yourself in ways you didn't know you could.

Rugs range anywhere from a cute and cozy size to an exceptionally stylish statement. It is meant to be the focal point within a room, acting as the frame, so you don’t want something so big that it simply looks like carpet, but not so small that it looks out of place. Make sure you measure the area you’d like to cover before you go rug shopping.
Area rugs can tie a room together
The material you choose will generally depend on your lifestyle. If the primary snapshot of your life consists of children running around or pets playing or dragging in dirt, you probably want to stay away from an easily stainable white rug.
Rugs made with synthetic fibers such as polypropylene or polyethylene boasts the durability of an outdoor rug with more than enough softness to walk on barefoot. These types of rugs are typically very easy to clean, UV-resistant, as well as stain resistant. Show your high traffic areas that they’re no match for your ultra functional décor!

If you’re looking for something versatile and easy-to-clean, cotton rugs may be your calling. The best part about cotton rugs is that more often than not, they’re machine washable. You know what that means? You can put a rug in the kitchen! No more fearing the spill.
If you like spending time on your floor or just like remarkable softness, silk is a luxury material so soft, you’ll never want to leave your rug. Wool is another good option for softness and durability. Some wools are prone to shedding so it may need to be vacuumed a bit more often – but that’s a small sacrifice for the chance to walk on clouds.
Colours and Patterns
Plan your rug choice around your furniture. If your furniture is a bit on the neutral side, go bold with your rug.  A solid colour sofa paired with a bold coloured or patterned rug is a happy balance between soft and loud. If you’ve got bold furniture with different shapes or fun colours, aim for a solid colour rug. It’d be even better if the rug colour matched a secondary colour in the sofa – yay for colour harmony!

Once you’ve got these steps down, you’re officially ready to take on the rug buying world!  Next step: find an area rug you love.