Affordable Furniture: Modern Bedroom Furniture Under $500

Whether you’re looking to refresh your spare guest room for cheap or planning a bedroom redesign on a budget, there are always stylish options at an affordable price.

Here is a cost-effective guide to adding affordable modern furniture to your bedroom.

Outlet by Dufresne: One-Stop Shop for Affordable Furniture

Here’s the inside scoop: you don’t have to shop time-binding sales to get inexpensive furniture that suits your budget and style. While a deal may align with your needs, there is no need to rush essential and costly decisions like furnishing your living room or bedroom.

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Budget-Friendly Beds & Bed Frames Under $500

Let’s get to the good stuff. If you’re not interested in the “rustic” look of the classic steel bedframe, then chances are you are searching for a touch of style. Here are three modern bed frames at an affordable price.

Interior design may be subjective, but one thing is for sure—neutral colours will never go out of style. Investing in timeless furniture is a great way to save money. The Graham Upholstered Bed achieves three money-saving feats:

  1. offers timeless style that won’t waver through generations;
  2. offers two simple and sleek neutral tones in grey and black;
  3. and features an adjustable headboard and base to support mattress sizes ranging from full to king.

At $349.88 (before taxes), the Graham Upholstered Bed offers a stylish look at a great price.

Here is another money-saving tip when buying furniture: keep everything simple. From a narrow shopping list to a well-planned budget, your top priority should be to cut out risk from your furniture plan.

The Bronyan Queen Panel Bed is the ultimate safe play for bed frame design—and that’s a good thing! At the low cost of $449.88, this bed frame features a sleek modern design and alluring smoky grey hues, making it easy to fit any bedroom style.

The best way to unlock savings is to find value in the bells and whistles of affordable furniture. Whether it’s an adjustable headboard or extra storage in an ottoman, products can up their price value by making every day easier in your home.

The Hunter 3 Piece Queen Bed offers much more than advertised. Along with quality wood headboard and rails, the footboard includes built-in storage. The French Baker’s Pine colourway features a unique style without being too trendy or stylistically volatile. At $499.88, this bed frame is a steal.

Low-Cost Dresser & Chests Under $500

Sometimes it’s better to mix styles rather than buy bed frames and dressers that look the same. Don’t get me wrong, affordable bedroom sets can be a great way to bundle and save, but stylistically, mixing different styles creates a visually more diverse look and feel. Here are three low-cost dressers and chests under $500.

Rock, Paper, Scissors holds an interesting parallel to interior design. Stylistically, patterns can clash, and while one may metaphorically win, the design of the room usually loses. The great thing about wood is that in the furniture version of Rock, Paper, Scissors, both the wood pattern and the room design are always winners.

The Ralinski Chest features a dynamite gray oak grain that creates a warm and rustic feel in your bedroom. With 4 smooth-gliding drawers, this chest offers optimal clothing storage without a hefty price tag.

Remember our conversation on wood? Well, what if we told you that you could get all the same benefits of wood in white? You’d probably say, “Wow, Dufresne Furniture & Appliances, that would be amazing. I wish a product like that existed.” Well, [insert your name here], your wish is our command.

The Stelsie Chest offers a white painted finish with a subtle replicated wood grain to create a stylish look that sets the stage in your bedroom. At $449.88, this chest is a great option for budget-seeking shoppers to complement their neutral space with décor or touches of colour.

Affordable Nightstands Under $500

And the award for the most under-appreciated furniture item goes to—the nightstand! Think of all the conventional (and unconventional) ways your nightstand has provided a solution to your sleepy needs. Here are a few examples: a refuge from early morning alarms blaring underneath your pillow, the perfect place to host a much-needed glass of water after a long night out, and a safe storage spot for your favourite late-night novel. Here are a few low-cost nightstands to add to your favourite space.

If you are unsure which furniture style you love, here is an example of one of our favourites. Rustic interior design features earthy, organic lines and textures that reflect nature and the outdoors. If you’re looking for rustic bedroom furniture, this is the nightstand for you.

With its warm and inviting golden rustic finish, the Hyanna Nightstand brings a cozy outdoor feel to your bedside. Antiqued gunmetal handles are attached to the two drawers for an industrial touch, while USB charging adds a high-tech element to the simple design.

While your living room may be a blank canvas for personal style and eccentric design, your bedroom should reflect comfort with accents that make the space uniquely yours. In a nutshell, simple, and affordable large furniture such as bed frames, dressers and nightstands make for a solid bedroom investment.

The Gerridan Nightstand features a sleek and simple design that adds to the style of your room without taking away from the accents that make the room yours. The focus of this white nightstand is on functionality. With easy-glide drawers and large dark-coloured handles, this nightstand provides comfort through simplicity.

Cost-Effective Bedroom Accessories Under $500

Once you’ve tackled buying affordable large bedroom furniture, it’s time to add all the extra accessories that turn your bedroom into your personal oasis. You don’t have to buy cheap furniture to stay within your budget. Here are three modern bedroom accessories for under $500.

The Makara Table Lamp Pair is the perfect way to live by the saying, “two is better than one.” This lamp pair offers two affordable bedside lighting options for the low cost of one. A fusion of textured black finished metal and wood, the lamp is simple, modern and stylish at a great price.

What’s a bedroom without a place to take outfit pictures or ensure there is nothing in your teeth? The Shurlee Mirror is an addition to a dresser or can be hung on the wall. This low-cost mirror is the best way to look at yourself.

As mentioned earlier, your large furniture should act as a canvas while décor and small items punctuate your bedroom with your style. If your bedroom features bold colours and patterns, balance the room with a simple neutral-coloured area rug. Flip the style equation around if your bedroom could use a zest of colour.

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