The 90s 101

It’s the return of the 90s from minimalist white walls to bright neon signs, this decade saw a mix of home décor styles. And yes, we welcome it back in the 2020s with open arms.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to go back in time to watch fly TV shows and listen to the Backstreet Boys? Whether you describe your home décor style as bold and colourful, or fresh and clean, this decade has a trend for you! Discover how to select rad 90s-inspired furniture and décor to bring your home back to the grunge era.

90s features you won’t forget!
In the past century, most decades have an easily defined style. When you think of the 1940s, you think of clean lines and wholesome cottages. For the 1970s, macramé plant holders, orange mixed with brown, and bean bag chairs come to mind. However, after exiting the bold heart-shaped hot tubs of the 80s, the 90s were left with a broad mix of home decor styles to choose from.

Standard features in 90s-style home decor included large blocks of primary colours or minimalistic white or beige walls and furniture mixed with elaborate faux house plants.

Another typical 90s look highlighted busy shabby chic floral prints mixed with cute thrift store finds. You also never had to go far to come across warm pine kitchen cabinets and shelving blended with ceramic rooster decorations and art to create a humble, homey country farmhouse feel.

As opposed to many 90s styles, Zen minimalist decor ignored patterns in exchange for clean neutral-toned walls, furniture and decorations with the odd potted plant mixed in.

Modern 90s-style home decor trends include fun inflatable furniture and accent chairs with rounded corners or textured fabrics in bold primary colours. Watercolour feature walls are a contemporary twist on the classic 90s sponge-painted walls.

For a warm 90s atmosphere, incorporate brown or wooden-framed entertainment and fireplaces into living areas. Instead of using faux plants and floral arrangements, choose real potted plants and bouquets.

Are you a Rachel or a Monica?
Retro influences from the previous decade and emerging modern styles combined to make many 90s trends. Do you picture your home full of vibrant colours and floral print, or do you see more minimalistic white and beigey hues? In other words, are you more Rachel or more Monica? A good way to start planning your project is with a mood board that contains eye catching 90s pieces! From there, you can really make it your own.

Now, look back over the images you’ve saved and notice the themes that pop up. Take note if images that feature certain types of furniture, décor, and colours/patterns pop up frequently. Taking the time to research gives you a better idea of the hues, styles and accessories that tied a trend together—and it will help you recreate it.

Select furniture that is both trendy and functional for the room. In larger entertainment rooms, sectionals seat more people than sofas and loveseats (perfect for binge watching The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with friends and family).

Seating from the 90s feature clean lines and chunky couch cushions with rounded corners. Rubber, ceramic, and plastic—AS IF! Opt for wooden shelving and stylish storage options, such as ottomans with a compartment or wicker storage baskets, instead.

Bringing the 90s into the 2020s
Create a cohesive style by combining 90s-themed decorations with your furniture selections. In the 90s, bold stripes, busy floral or damask wallpaper was all the rage. Add colourful, expressionist paintings to brighten up a room with neutral-toned furnishings, or to furniture for a dynamic look. Mix and match stripes, gingham, floral, and country cottage-style patterns with frills and fanciful decals. Alternatively, keep decorations simple with wood trimmings and planters on white or hunter green walls.

Bring 90s-style home decor into your living space in subtle layers by blending them with modern designs. For example, add gold or bronze decorations on wooden shelving in front of a hunter green feature wall. Instead of the 90s detailed sun and moon wall hangings, decorate with a gentle watercolour or photograph of the sun, moon, and stars.

Replace overstuffed recliners with sleek chairs and ottomans. Swap out inflatable furniture with comfortable floor cushions if extra seating is necessary. Finally, find a happy medium between pattern and minimalism. In the 1990s, it was all or nothing. Mixing patterns by adding a feature wall or funky sofa enables you to find a balance between the two styles.

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