5 Ways to Decorate Your: Small Living Room

When you have a small space, decorating can be more of a struggle than a delight. With our 5 tips you will be well on your way to a great feeling space!   


Mirrors don’t just make you look good!

Mirrors can open up your space, making it look bigger than it is! Not to mention keeping a mirror by your entrance is a nice way to double check your look before you walk out the door.

Beware the forest

Be careful with the plants. Greens are great but too many leaves making there way into the living space can make it seem closed and cluttered. Don’t forgo plants completely, but smaller spaces demand smaller plants so keep them trim or opt for the faux version.



How many entrances are in your living room, and where do they lead? Think about how people will move through your space, this might mean a smaller apartment sized sofa or just a coffee table and no end tables.


Airy furniture

Furniture low to the ground make it seem like there is more head space, and furniture with thin legs give your room a breezy feel. Both work well to make your space seem larger than it is.

Sheer curtains

Sheer curtain let light into the room which makes the room feel bigger. But make sure you have solid curtains if you have close neighbors.


Do you have any tips for Decorating your Small Space? Let us know!