5 Ways to Decorate for Your: Bedroom

Decorating your space can be hard! If you follow these 5 simple steps you will be well on your way to the bedroom oasis you have always dreamed of! 

1)   Use your bed

Your bed has so much empty space on top, so use it! Load that thing up with comfortable pillows and a beautiful comforter. The only question left is how many throw pillows are too many? Answer: There are never enough!

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2)   Nightstands and lamps: functional and fashionable

A bedroom without a nightstand is like a boat without a paddle. The nightstand holds your current book, reading glasses, a glass of water, and tableside lamp! Just because it has a job doesn’t mean it can’t look good! Get a gorgeous set of nightstands and beautiful lamps and let your functional pieces also be fashionable.

 dufresne, bed, mattress, sleep, furniture

3)   Comfy Carpets

There is no worse feeling than stepping out of a warm soft bed onto a cold hard floor. Add some texture to your room and keep your toes cozy with a nice carpet.

 dufresne, bed, carpet, sleep, furniture

4)   Drapes: look better - sleep better

Not only will drapes add texture to your room, but it will block out the light. Studies show that sleeping in the dark allows for a deeper, more restful sleep. Next time you spend the day half asleep, look at your blinds.

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5)   Laundry chair

Every bedroom needs a laundry chair. A chair for clean laundry that you have decided not to wear but don’t put away right away. This can be a cute accent chair that adds that special something to your bedroom, and keeps your clothes off the floor!

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How many of these decorating ideas do you use in your room right now? How many will you implement this spring? Let us know!