5 Ways to Celebrate Singles Day in Your Home

To most, the holiday season brings a familiar feeling of hope, love, and a sense of home. While some say home is where the heart is, others find comfort in home itself.

Singles Day provides an opportunity for hopeless romantics to celebrate flying solo and indulge in self-love through solidarity, pride—and huge discounts on everything they need to make their living space a home.

Here are five great ways to treat yourself this Singles Day.

1. Rearrange Your Living Room

Sometimes the best remedy for a tough breakup is a fresh hairstyle to mark the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Our advice: cancel your hair appointment and find solace in a living room shake-up.

Whether you chose to enjoy the holidays on your own or you’re still searching for your soulmate, Singles Day is the perfect time for a little change to your life and home.

Layout Styles

Rearranging your living room layout is a cheap and easy way to refresh your everyday life. Choose a style that suits your lifestyle or invent your own—the choice is up to you so make it yours!

Symmetrical Layout: What’s good on one side is even better on the other. If you have multiple couches or chairs, mirror them in your living room to add seating and create a more social arrangement.

Floating Layout: Open up a room by creating a walkable space between your furniture and your walls. Float couches and chairs a few feet away from the walls and mount your television to create an island in the middle of the room.

L-shape Layout: Follow the shape of your sectional or create the same L-shape with a sofa and loveseat. This configuration works best when you want your big screen television to be the hero of the room—the perfect arrangement for a home theatre.

2. Invest in Your Sleep Style

The holiday season is full of fun festivities but it’s also a chance for you to catch up on some much-needed sleep. One of the benefits of being single is having the entire bed to yourself. Sprawl the whole surface area or load up on pillows, it’s your bed and more importantly—your sleep.

How you get a good night’s sleep is extremely personal. From the plush level to your favourite sleep position, there are a variety of factors that contribute to a consistent and restful slumber. Living (and sleeping) alone gives you the luxury of choice, and total control over how you design your sleep system.

Dufresne’s definition of an optimal sleep system for a better rest consists of four parts; Mattress, Foundation, Pillow, and Mattress Cover/Protector. Here is a good goal to kickstart your journey to a great sleep for one—start with the mattress.

Mattress Customization

If you’re naturally indecisive, Singles Day is your chance to change your ways. Here are three questions to help you find the perfect mattress to match your personal preferences.

How much room do you have in your bedroom?

Mattress size is the first big decision you’ll face on your journey to restful sleep. Figure out what size bed gives you enough room to enjoy your space during the day and still gives you the ability to “starfish” at night. Here is a list of dimensions to consider:

Are you comfortable with memory foam?

The newest technology in the mattress industry offers so much comfort it can catch a sleeper off-guard. Tempur-Pedic created their own patented version of memory foam that some consumers love, and others find too unfamiliar. When buying a mattress consider three different types of technology: memory foam, innerspring, and hybrid.

Do you like to sink into a mattress, or do you prefer to be well-supported?

Firmness level ignites the most heated arguments between couples. Luckily, you can skip the fight and enjoy tailored comfort. Consider whether you prefer plush or firm mattresses in your decision.

Spend Singles Day in a bed fit for a king (or queen) and enjoy your space to yourself. If you’d like more information on how to tailor your mattress to your sleep style, book an appointment with one of our sleep experts and they will help find a mattress that suits your sleep needs.

3. Spoil Yourself with Small Appliances

One of the downsides of living alone is cooking for one. While the holidays offer an opportunity to expand your cooking quantities, everyday cooking should be easy throughout the entire year. That’s where small appliances shine. Here are a few small appliances that make cooking for one simple and quick.

Morning Java Made Easy

Just like a good night’s sleep, a fresh cup of coffee is probably a vital contributor to starting your day off on the right foot. While couples coordinate brew schedules, living alone means you are the barista in your home—that doesn’t mean you have to rush your morning routine. From espresso machines to versatile grind & brew coffee makers, new technology features time pre-sets that brew fresh coffee right when your third alarm sounds.

Convenient Cooking Options

Air fryers are the newest worst-kept secret in the cooking world. Atop everyone’s holiday wish lists, air fryers are the metaphorical spokesperson for convenient and healthy cooking equipment. Along with air fryers, comes premium cookware such as non-stick pots and pans and electronic mixers.

Celebrate Singles Day with premium discounts on new appliances at Dufresne. We now offer new and innovative small appliances that make living and cooking alone easy.

4. Shine a Light on Your Space

Between Christmas lights and bright stars on the top of the trees, the holidays are the perfect time to illuminate your space. Here is the best way to brighten your favourite spaces.

Living Room & Dining Room

Worried about where to start? Work from the top down. A series of pot lights are the most popular way to spread the light across your living room and dining room ceiling. The best way to add even more to your living room and dining room is with pendant hanging lights such as the Makani Chandelier. The idea is that the lights act as supplementary brightness as well as an art piece.

Bedroom Accent Lights

Being single during the holidays means more time to read, binge-watch TV series or stare at the ceiling and let your brain rest for a moment. No matter how you spend your free time, most of it will probably be spent in the comfort of your bedroom. For full functionality options, consider layering your light sources throughout the room by including floor lamps for outfit checks or a table lamp on your nightstand for late-night reading.

Why spend your alone time in the dark? That’s a rhetorical question. Check out our Singles Day deals on lighting options and start lighting up your home now!

5. Add Your Personal Touch

If there is one way to brighten up your Singles Day celebration, it’s by adding a little of your style to your space. The best way to make your home exclusively yours is through your choice of wall art and décor. While your home may already be dressed in holiday décor here are a few accents to consider this Singles Day.

Next Steps

Singles Day is a celebration of self-love and there’s no better way to express the appreciation and love you have for yourself than upgrading your space. Armed with 5 ways to treat yourself and your home, head to the showroom or shop online for great deals on everything you need to say thank you, to you!

Browse our website and highlight some of your favourite items because the Singles Day sale starts on November 10, 2022. Save up to 35% off on furniture and 50% off a second wall art or lighting item when you purchase the first item at regular price.

Happy Singles Day!

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