5 Tips to Light up Your Life

Let's lay it all out on the table, lighting might be the most important finishing touch. Lighting can dictate the entire feel of a room. A dark shadowy room can add a creepy feeling while a bright room can add a feeling of airiness and cleanliness. Here we teach you the basics of lighting your room.


Shut off the lights

There is no use trying to light a room when the sun is streaming through the window. Check out what your room looks like in the night. Find the shadows and make note of how you can light them up. Is there a shadow in the corner with the table, or would a floor lamp be better? This is the best way to get started.


Use a mix of lighting

Using a mix of floor and table lighting along with your light fixture allows you to control the ambiance as well as gives you an opportunity to add cute accents to your room. Use lighting pieces that are interesting and contribute to the overall design, while also lighting up corners and contributing to the space.


Keep an eye on scale

Overhead lighting can be the centerpiece of your room if you do it right! Consider it’s size, placement, and height. But it should not be the only light source. A large overhead fixture can pair great with a softer smaller table lamp and keep the lighting levels soft.


Mix and match colours and styles

Lamps are not just for lighting, they can add to the overall style of the room. Pick lamps that contribute to the style of the room for the perfect balance of fashion and function.


Don’t forget about the Shade!

Depending on the style of your home, you should think about the style of the shade on the lamp. You can mix and match these to find the perfect fit for your home.