5 Summer Furniture Trends of 2018

Check out and implement these 5 Summer 2018 trends before Summer is in full swing!

Make Your Outdoor Space as Cozy as Your Indoor Space!

Comfortable, stylish patio pieces are taking over this summer! With weather-resistant material, outdoor furniture is starting to look more like what is found in tour family’s living room! Complete with accents like rugs, throw pillows, and other accessories, your outdoor space can give you the same comforting feel as your indoor space!


Green and Grey Are in!

Grey outdoor furniture pairs great with bright rugs, creative throw pillows, and green foliage! Green is a design colour used to pull the natural green of the outdoors into your look!


Going Ham for Hammocks!

Who needs a tree when you can swing in this summer!

Fire Tables: The Best of Both Worlds!

Get the warmth of a fire pit with the comfort of a table top, all while saving space!


Which of these summer trends are you melting for? Which trends will you be implementing in your outdoor space? Let us know in the comments below!