2023 Fall Furniture Style Guide

With summer simmering down and the fall season on the horizon, now is the perfect time to reflect on your space. Ask yourself if your current furniture matches your vision for your ideal fall home style. If the answer is yes, congratulations, you’re ready to take on the season of style.

If the answer is no, here is our official guide to the five most popular furniture styles of the 2023 fall season.

1. Statement Stone

Stone is going to take the furniture industry by storm this fall. While trends fade, statement stone furniture has passed the test of time. It’s easy to transcend generations when the material is tough, eye-catching, and timeless—and statement stone checks all three boxes.  

Here are a few stylish ways to incorporate the statement stone style into your home.

Finding the perfect style for the dining room can be tough. If you love to entertain, seating and space probably play a role in your dining room furniture decisions. While available seating is important, don’t push aside style for functionality. 

The Winston Table brings style and practicality to your dining room. The black sintered stone with geometrical lines adds a unique style to your dining room while providing a durable and scratch-resistant surface to maintain the look for the years ahead.

Coffee tables are the centrepiece of the living room and should tie the rest of the furniture together. While conventional wood tables offer a classic style, marble and stone add an unmatched feng shui to the room.

The Saxon Coffee Table features an authentic Carrara marble top. Natural grey veining in the marble gives each table its unique character, ensuring no two pieces are alike. Add sophistication to the most important room in the house with marble and stone finishes.

2. Style with Silver

Gold is out, silver is in this fall season. Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home by incorporating silver home furniture and accents in each room. Whether through silver-trimmed upholstery, metallic-finished coffee tables, or shimmering wall art, infuse your home with the undeniable charm of silver.

Here are our suggestions for elegant silver furniture.

Silver shines bright, making it a great feature or accessory to neutral colours. Add shine to each space with touches of silver or chrome in your large furniture or intertwine silver into your rooms with décor and accessories.

The Brushed Steel Floor Lamp brings a sense of luxury and style to your space while adding the opportunity to bring more light to any room.

As mentioned, silver looks its best when incorporated into the furniture design rather than being the primary colour.

The Aria End Table is the perfect example of how much a small touch of silver or chrome can add to furniture. The dark and smoky glass provides a nice contrast to the silver base and geometrical lines. This modern end table is a great example of an eye-catching design that will flourish in your home this fall.

3. Soft & Inviting Curves

Sharp and clean edges are so last year. This fall, soft and inviting curves in home design, furniture and décor are a welcome change to your space. Whether you add a round accent chair or an oval rug to your living room layout, you are on your way to creating a modern look everyone will love.

Here are a few of our favourite ways to add soft and inviting curves to your home this fall.

The best place to add inviting curves is in the spaces where you invite friends and family. The living room is the hub for social interaction. Whether you add circular rugs or round furniture, curves to help your guest feel welcome in your space.

The Gabriela Sectional is the perfect piece to add to your modern living room space. With its round edges and plush cushion, this sectional offers a luxury aesthetic without compromising on comfort.

Inviting curves pair well with bold colours. This fall, accent furniture and home décor featuring round and colourful designs are going to be selling fast.

With its circular curved back and vibrant plush padding, the Angel Accent Chair provides the perfect touch of colour to your living room or bedroom. Available in a variety of colours, this is the perfect complement to your space.


4. Biophilic Design

Bring the outdoors in. You can expect an infusion of nature-based furniture and home décor this fall season. Biophilic design is an interior design style influenced by nature or the outdoors. From strong wood grain finishes to light and bright earth tones, biophilic design brings a breath of fresh air to your home.

Check out our suggestions for biophilic-style furniture to add to your space.

The dining room is the safest place to add authentic wood furniture and green décor as the focus of the room is on the dining table.

The Aisling Table fits the criteria for two styles on this list—inviting curves and biophilic design. The Aisling Table is expertly crafted from premium Acacia Wood, giving it a light wood grain that brings new life to any dining room.

Similar to the dining room, the living room presents an easy opportunity to bring nature-infused style to the forefront of the most important room in the house. Using the coffee table as a centerpiece, you have a plethora of biophilic-style furniture to choose from.

The Haileeton Coffee Table’s hexagon shape and eye-catching dark wood top create the perfect complement to any living room. With biophilic style at the top of this year’s style guide, the Haileeton Coffee Table is the perfect fall addition to your living room.

5. Conscious Curation

The conscious curation style is a reflection of environmentally friendly and ethically built furniture—because design and ethics should and can co-exist. Leaning into a combination of old and new furniture, the conscious curation style blends patterns and colours that come from a good place.

Here are a few ways you style your home with ethical and sustainable furniture this fall.

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The Beautyrest Maui collection features SEAQUAL material, which is made from recycled water bottles from the ocean.

Conscious curation is more than a style, it's a state of mind. Investing in eco-friendly appliances ensures you are not only saving money but the world.

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The Feeling of Home

With the weather cooling down, fall presents the perfect time to reimagine your space. Find your favourite style and start planning your fall refresh using these products as inspiration. Check out our social media for more popular fall styles and inspiration.

If you'd like to learn more about the fall styles or could use some help exploring our store, book a free appointment with one of our style experts.