2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Let’s be honest, even though October officially closed its door, the holiday season has probably been top of mind for a while. Whether you’ve been taking extra shifts at work to save for Christmas presents or decorating your tree early, the start of the holidays has already unofficially begun.

While you might not be able to splurge on the sectional you’ve been eyeing, there are plenty of ways to treat yourself or find the perfect present for less during the holiday season.

Continue reading to find the best home gifts under $500.

Furniture: Gifts Under $500

Here is a selfish holiday hack: buy gifts for your loved ones that you can benefit from. Being kind and generous doesn’t always have to come at a cost with no return. Here’s an everyday example: when you were kids, your parents would probably take you for ice cream as a “treat”. The unspoken truth is that they are treating themselves to ice cream too. There I said it, adults like ice cream too. The point is that it never hurts to “subliminally” treat yourself when gifting others, especially when it comes to furniture.

Alea Accent Chair

There is no better gift for a home than one that can be used in any room. Whether it’s the Alea Accent Chair or another product, a versatile accent chair is the perfect holiday gift for family and friends looking to spice up their space.

The Alea Accent Chair offers a touch of colour and comfort while holding a classic look that fits in any living room, dining room, bedroom and more!

Executive Office Chair

The holidays are a great time to gift someone you love a slice of serenity in spaces they are typically stressed. With the rise in hybrid workplaces, home offices are now a mainstay in many households and provide the perfect opportunity for gift ideas. Skip the sticky note stocking stuffers and buy something that will help support their back and their sanity.

The Executive Office Chairs are the perfect gift to boost office morale for your loved one during the holiday season.

Yarlow Coffee Table

The Yarlow Coffee Table wins our Sneaky Good Gift of the Year award. Take a second to look at this two-tier coffee table and try and tally all the possible ways you or your loved ones can use this piece. I’ll start for you:

  • Coffee table
  • Storage
  • Plant holder
  • Bookcase
  • Board game station

And the list goes on.

Appliances: Gifts Under $500

If there is one section of our website to scour for new and exciting gift ideas – appliances should be calling your name. Whether you’re upgrading your entertainment abilities or shopping for a Secret Santa gift you can be proud of, we know the holiday season is king of small appliances. Check out our new selection of quality small appliances and great kitchen gift ideas that will crown you the best gift giver in the family.

Danby Ice Maker

If you’ve ever lived without a fridge that can dispense ice cubes, you’ve probably argued over who forgot to refill the ice trays. Whether it was you or not, the holiday season can put a rest to the finger-pointing and help you get back to family fun.

The Danby Ice Maker creates fresh ice that pairs well with any holiday cocktail or mocktail!

KitchenAid Digital Countertop Oven with Air Fryer

Speaking of small appliances, air fryers are the newest cooking craze in the kitchen. If you are a chicken finger fan or crispy fry fanatic, an air fryer provides oil-free food with a crunch that satisfies every time.

Our KitchenAid Digital Countertop Oven with Air Fryer not only acts as an air fryer but a tabletop convectional oven. If you’re a parent whose child is moving out on their own for the first time, this might be your best chance to encourage them to cook food other than ramen noodles.

Danby Wine Cooler

Remember when we were talking about two-way gifting? This is one of those gifts. The holidays are the perfect time for some wine with family and friends, so enjoy it just how you like with a custom-temperature wine cooler.

The Danby Wine Cooler can hold up to 17 wine bottles and can adjust to suitable red and white wine temperatures. Who knows—it might be on your partner’s wish list too.

Sleep: Gifts Under $500

The gift of sound sleep is priceless, but it also could be under $500 if you need it to be. Here are two cost-effective sleep accessories that make for great gifts during the holiday season.

Mattress Protector

A mattress protector may seem like a mundane gift at first glance, but just like socks, everyone is thankful to have them when things get hectic.

If you have family who opted to not buy a Mattress Protector, now’s your time to be their holiday miracle when a wine-infused bedtime catastrophe inevitably occurs.

BedGear Impulse Pillow

Have you ever slept over at your family or friend’s house and woke up with a sore neck? Once you try a premium pillow, you never go back.

Gift a BedGear Pillow and increase the chance of a pillow rotation in the guest room in your favour.

Home Accents: Gifts Under $500

Home Accents provide the opportunity to help your loved one spruce up their space with a plethora of home accent options. With the best price and item range, home accents are a versatile gift idea that won’t break the bank.

Denice Mirror

Mirrors are a great holiday gift because, let’s be honest – who doesn’t like looking at themself? All jokes aside, mirrors can make the room appear larger than reality and offer decorative versatility to any room.

Whether you prefer to gift wall or full-body mirrors, your loved one will appreciate the versatile style options of a quality mirror. Check out our Denice Mirror for a full-body mirror that adds additional storage and style to any bedroom.

Kids Clouds Area Rug

The holiday season is all about the kids. Whether you have children or are the honorary fun uncle/auntie, their love for you will be primarily measured by your ability to give great gifts.

A fun rug is fuel for so many possible stories during playtime. If you’re thinking about the race car rug, you are on the right track (pun fully intended). Our Kids Cloud Area Rug opens the door to a whole new world for your kid’s imagination to explore.

Leonita Throw

With the holiday season comes cold weather – cue the addition of reading socks and a warm blanket on everyone’s Christmas list.

Our Leonita Throw makes for the perfect Secret Santa gift. It provides warmth and style for any room in the house.

Create Your Wishlist

Armed with a list of great gift ideas, now it’s your turn to browse our catalogue and start crossing names off your holiday shopping list. Happy holiday shopping everyone!

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