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Springwall Massey

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Sleep Soundly  With the Springwall Massey Queen Mattress Provide ample sleeping room for the whole family with the Springwall Massey queen mattress. It features the Comfort Pocket technology, where individually wrapped coils offer luxurious comfort to make loved ones feel special. With the Massey's independent coil response mechanism, switching positions on this innerspring mattress remains virtually undetectable. This makes it the smart choice to ensure undisturbed slumber throughout the night, especially if you share the bed with a partner, child or pet. Built with extra-soft polyurethane bio-foam, the quilted top layer of the Springwall queen mattress comes infused with a cooling gel. This regulates core temperature for that rejuvenating and refreshing sensation you crave each time you wake. For soothing relief from various pressure points, this medium-support mattress distributes your weight evenly across the surface. It prevents sagging to keep the spine properly aligned with the rest of the body. Promote healthy sleep patterns for enhanced overall well-being with the Springwall mattress. Comfort Pocket system of Springwall Massey queen mattress suppresses motion transfer for uninterrupted slumber Gel-infused bio-foam keeps heat at bay for a cooler sleeping environment Made in Canada

  • Width: 59.0
  • Depth: 79.5
  • Height: 12.0
  • UnitOfMeasure: inches
  • Value: 81.0
  • UnitOfMeasure: pounds
  • Springwall
  • Queen
  • Medium
  • Inner Spring
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