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Regal Light Print 40.00" x 30.00"

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Brighten up Your Dining Room With the Unique Regal Light Print 40" x 30" The Regal Light print 40" x 30" is a medium-sized picture that is suitable for living rooms or dining rooms. The Regal Light print will brighten up your mood, just like a lamp lights up the room. The chandelier on the picture features glass bead chains. The background of this neutral Regal Light print indicates the radiance of the flashes of light, just as in the old times when people used chandeliers for night-time lighting. Chandeliers have been the symbol of wealth and status for centuries, showing that procuring anything unattainable helps reflect our level of capability to the outside world.  With this casual Regal Light print, you can remind yourself of your worth and all the hard work you put into your success. The Regal Light print 40" x 30" is medium in size Neutral colour print Works well in any decor

  • Width: 40.0
  • Depth: 3.0
  • Height: 30.0
  • UnitOfMeasure: inches
  • UnitOfMeasure: pounds
  • Hand Paint
  • Canvas
  • Neutral
Number of Pieces
  • 1
  • Pictures
  • Casual Comfort
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