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Custom Dining Room Appointment

Custom Dining Room Appointment

So you’ve decided to purchase a custom dining set, how exciting! You are taking an important step in making your home your own!

Designing custom dining room furniture involves multiple options, where you make the decision. These decisions are best made in store where you receive our support to ensure you get exactly what you are hoping for and that you see all the options available.

Please book your appointment with us below and one of our sales professionals will be available to take you right to the furniture you are interested in and will help you finish designing your custom dining room furniture.

1. Select FINISH:
Chose from options like dark wood, rustic, or shiny finishes to make your dining set completely personal to your style.

2. Select FABRIC on Chairs:
Blue, red, or patterned! The choice is yours, after all, this is your dining set

3. Select table SIZE:
Find the perfect sized dining set for your space by designing it yourself!

4. Select leg STYLE:
Table legs to more than just hold up your table, they hold up the style of your table. Table legs can influence your dining set more than you think!

5. Select apron STYLE:
What is a tale apron you ask? It connects the table top to the table legs, and even it can be styled when you choose a custom dining set.

6. Select PROFILE:
The Profile of a table refers to the edge of a table top. Do you want the edges rounded or square, because the choice is yours!

7. Select table BASE:
If you choose a table with a base instead of legs you can customize the base too!

The options available depend on the style and brand of dining room furniture. Above are some of the options for select brands and styles. Not all styles or customization options will be available for all dining room furniture.

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