Warm Your Space Long Past Summer

Contributor Piece: Kelly Porath of Blue Rose Interiors 

The smell of sunscreen and the feel of sand between your toes may be coming to an end, but your outdoor season doesn’t have to! Don’t say goodbye to cottage campfire nights just yet – we have some tips to keep you and your outdoor space as warm as your latte.

Your chair can determine your temperature as it’s the biggest contact point your body has to a surface when sitting. So how do you address this stylishly (because we know style at Dufresne!)?

A wood chair does a great job of retaining the sun’s warmth and using your own body heat with it’s porous, malleable material than metal. Even plastic is a better option than metal, which will attract and pass on every chill, draft and frosty nuance to your body.

Need more warmth? Add a sheepskin or wool throw to the seat and back (think Thermea). These fabrics work to conserve your bodies warmth and ward off chilly breezes on your back and bottom.

Be sure to select pieces that are intended for the activity you are doing! If your plan is watching the fire, consider a chair that is close to the ground with a slightly angled back for comfort. Reading with your tea as the sun goes down? Consider a hammock or lounger and layer on the fabrics!

The next largest losses of heat? It’s like your mama always told you: Keep your head, hands, and feet warm! A stylish toque is oh so Canadian and you may consider donning one much earlier in the season than the thermometer suggests. Be aware of what your feet are resting on. Add a footstool if needed to keep your toes off the cold ground. And of course, fabric. Sheepskin furs and woolens are great for sitting on and snuggling with.

We saved that best nugget for last – holding your favourite hot toddy, tea or caffeine-of-choice! The twist? You DO want to select a metal cup for this as it will heat your hands and help keep your drink warm.

So go ahead, layer up your favourite lake blankies, fleeces, fuzzies, your Yellowstone toques, and your metal mugs and get out there! That campfire is waiting for you. You’re not hanging up on the call of the loons as the sun goes down, the sound of the breeze in the poplars and the toasted marshmallows just yet!