Prep Your Home for the Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching – before you know it, friends and family will be gathering under the tree, celebrating the season, and enjoying holiday feasts. Is your home ready to host? Here are our best tips for getting guest-ready.

The little details make a big difference! Upgrading your old guest room mattress and investing in comfy pillows will wow your guests and ensure they get a good sleep. And don’t forget, a cozy duvet cover is also essential – and is an inexpensive upgrade! Swapping out the old duvet from your master bedroom to something you picked up specifically for the guest room turns the space into an oasis for your guests. You can also stock up on some new decor or lamps for the guest room nightstands to make the space feel more intentionally decorated, versus a dumping ground for pieces from around the house that no longer have a use.  

To take it a step further, try making up a basket of travel-sized toiletries for your guests!

Overnight guests, expected or unexpected, are pretty standard over the holidays. Be ready for all the last-minute accommodation requests with a sofa that pulls out into a bed! These are also a great option if you don’t have a separate guest room available – just add some extra pillows and soft sheets, and you’re ready to go. Your guests will have a comfortable place to sit and relax during the day, and an even better place to sleep at night. Plus, our media sleepers have USB plugs in the arms of the sofa, so your guests can easily keep their phone fully charged.

Adding extra cozy layers – like luxe knit throws and soft pillows – makes any room feel more welcoming and warm. Not only do they spruce up your space, they’ll also get plenty of use when the snow starts to fall and the old holiday movies on VHS come out of storage.

Make sure everyone has a spot at the table – and make sure there’s enough room for all the food! Opt for a table with an extension set to give yourself extra seating room during the holidays, while still being able to scale down the size when you have a smaller crowd. Even better: choose a dining set that can store the leaves when they’re not in-use.  

And don’t forget to accessorize your table! Staple pieces like candles and vases can be arranged to make a beautiful centerpiece for any time of year, and more seasonal components can be added to tailor the arrangement for the occasion.