Lighting Your Space

Do you want to know the secret to making your space the best that it can be? Lighting! It can change the way your furniture looks, adds expression and sets the mood.

You need to give lighting some attention to create the perfect environment, whether you are seeking a room for entertaining guests, a study workshop, or a relaxing haven. Proper lighting is a sign that your home décor was well thought-out, and that you had a plan in mind. When done correctly, lighting will improve the look and feel of your entire home! Think about how drastically the lighting in a change room at a store can affect your decision to purchase an outfit. If the lighting is bad, you probably won’t feel as confident as if the lighting had been excellent. With that being said, what are your options? Well, to successfully reach peak lighting, you should consider starting with the three basic layers.

Layer 1: Ambient Lighting
Ambient lighting is also referred to as general lighting. Typically seen in overhead fixtures, this type of lighting creates one uniform light level without adding any additional light sources. Ambient lighting is the most common type of lighting in households, usually attached to the ceiling. When you flip on a light switch in your living room, bedroom, or washroom – that’s ambient lighting at work.
Ambient lighting provides a light source, but it isn’t the most exciting.

A comfy sofa and ambient lighting will add a great relaxing mood to your living room

Layer 2: Task Lighting
Task lighting is useful when you want to illuminate a certain area within your space, targeting a place where a specific task may need some additional light. Some common places that make the most out of task lighting are under-cabinet lights that shine on the kitchen countertops for food preparation and end table lamps in the living room or home office for reading or studying.

Proper lighting to your work space will encourage productivity

Layer 3: Accent Lighting
Accent lighting illuminates a specific item in your home. This is the most decorative type of lighting out of the three layers. Do you want to draw attention towards your favourite piece of art that’s hanging on the living room wall? Maybe there is a beloved plant that you want to proudly display or an outdoor water fountain that means a lot to you.

Whatever the reason, accent lighting precisely hones in on one focal point – very similar to a spotlight on the main stage.
The best idea is to play around with lighting. Tour your home and see which areas and items you would like to shine the brightest light on, and then take it from there!