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One of the hardest people to shop for is often the person you know the best—your partner. And, while you are wracking your brain trying to think of a great gift, they are doing the same for you. So, this year, instead of spending hours trying to find the perfect item for your beloved, we encourage you to join forces and go in on one amazing item that you can both enjoy for years to come.

To give you some inspiration, we have put together a list of some of our fave couples’ gifts. Follow our lead and you might just cross each other off the list without ever setting foot in the mall.

For the Couple Who Loves to Sleep

Most people will agree that there is nothing more important than a good night’s sleep, so we think investing in a good bed is one of the best decisions that you can make as a couple and one of the best gifts that you can give each other.

Getting enough sleep on your own is challenging but, as most couples know, when you’re sharing a bed it can be a struggle to get the recommended number of winks. This is especially true when one or both partners are light sleepers, restless sleepers, or one comes to bed much later than the other.

If this sounds like you and your partner, or you just want to stop tossing and turning all night, switching to a mattress that reduces motion transfer, like the Tempur-Sense by Tempur-Pedic, might be the answer.

In addition to cradling the body comfortably and securely, and minimizing the need to reposition, Tempur-Sense memory foam absorbs all the “bounce,” leaving the other partner virtually undisturbed when there’s movement in the bed.

TIP: Our Dream Experts can help you choose the perfect mattress for two. Learn more about the Dream Experience and book your sleep assessment today!

Life changes like starting a family or moving into a new home can also have you thinking about upgrading to a larger mattress. If you have the room, trading up from a queen to a king is a decision that few couples regret—especially those who have littles or pets that end up in their bed on the regular.

Although a king mattress is only 16 inches wider than a queen, it can make a huge difference for people who love their partner, but also LOVE their personal space. And who says you can’t still meet in the middle to cuddle?

To turn your big new mattress into a comfy, cozy retreat for two, choose a bedframe with a padded upholstered headboard, like the Dolante. Not only will it give you a comfy nest-like spot to enjoy your morning coffee, afternoon reading, or late-night Netflix marathon, but it will also feel extra-cozy during the cooler months of the year.

TIP: For those with a smaller space who think they don’t have the room for a larger bed, read “The Bedroom of Their Dreams” to see how blogger Stacey Kasdorf reconfigured the space in her small master bedroom to accommodate a king storage bed.

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For the Couple Who Likes to Entertain

If you have a kitchen reno planned or already in the works, why not treat yourselves to kitchen appliances and accessories that put the fun back into cooking and make entertaining a breeze.

At the top of our list for both style and convenience is this 24 cubic foot counter depth French door fridge from LG. With cool features like InstaView Door-in-Door, Wi-fi connectivity, and a built-in craft ice maker that produces its own slow-melting ice balls, it’s the gift that will make you the envy of all your friends and the talk of the block.

When it comes to ranges, the hottest feature (pun intended) is Air Fry. This stylish front control induction range from Frigidaire’s Gallery line has a built-in air fryer that works with or without its optional ReadyCook™ Air Fry Tray, allowing you to cook entire trays of crispy, perfectly browned chicken wings, fries, and more, with no added fat and no guilt. As well, the smooth induction top provides even, precise heat to have you searing steaks, simmering sauces, and stir-frying like a pro.

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For the Couple Who Binges Netflix Together

It might seem like it’s been a lot more lately but, on average, couples spend only about 2–4 waking hours together per day. Can you guess where half of that is spent? If you said “deciding what to watch on TV” you’d be (mostly) right. Watching TV together is, for many of us, the preferred way to end the day or spend a lazy weekend afternoon.

To get the most of your screen time together, gift time is the perfect time to trade in your tired old TV for a new, smart set. The Samsung 4K QLED TV intelligently optimizes picture, sound, and more to give you a truly breathtaking viewing experience. Plus, wide viewing angle means you’ll see brilliant colour with less distortion from anywhere in the room.

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For extra-cozy movie nights, consider turning a spare room or nook into a cinema for two with movie-theatre style seating and sound. The Keiran reclining loveseat with power headrest and power lumbar support also includes a storage console with cupholders for the ultimate movie-theatre-at-home experience. (It’s also great for reading and napping too!)

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For the Couple Who Likes Quiet, Cozy Nights In

There’s nothing like a twinkling fire to set the mood for a relaxing night in. If you don’t have a built-in gas or wood fireplace, the good news is you can easily add one to your living room or bedroom with an electric stand-alone unit or entertainment centre with fireplace insert.

The Lincoln media console has an elevated rustic look that is enhanced by a realistic faux stone inset and traditional log firebox that can heat up to 1,000 square feet. In addition to providing loads of ambiance, the roomy console can display books and treasures, or hold electronics and a widescreen TV up to 70-inches.

Of course, if you are going to sit in front of the fire, you’re going to want your feet up. This oversized storage ottoman has room for two sets of tootsies and is covered in plush chenille fabric for extra-coziness. If your quiet night in also includes a snack, you can flip the top to reveal a handy built in tabletop with cupholders.

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