Easy Interior Decorating Tips You can use Today

Interior decorating can be intimidating. That's why there are professional Interior Designers! Before you call in the big guns, here are some tips you can use to amp up your home. If after using these tips you still need some help, an interior designer is a great idea! 


The easiest way to give your home that newly designed look is to clean! Wash the throw pillows and blankets and vacuum behind the couch. A fresh look can come from a fresh room.

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Getting rid of your treasures can be hard. A helpful hint is to hold the object in your hand and ask yourself “Does this bring me joy?” If the answer is no, donate it. If the answer is yes, ask yourself “When was the last time this brought me joy?” If it has been over two years, donate it. If it was within a year, keep it. Put everything you want to keep in a box for the next step and donate the rest!

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Slowly and deliberately start adding items back to our room. Be conscious of what you are adding back and only include items that make you happy. If you feel like your room is too empty, now is the chance to go out and purchase some new home accents!

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Colour Ratio

Colour can be hard to incorporate into your room. A simple rule to follow is to use three colours! Your room should be 60% your primary colour, 30% your secondary colour, and 10% your tertiary colour. You can use black and/or white as a neutral colour to tie the look together, or as a part of your colour ratio. 

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Fashionable and Functionable

Yes, you want your room to look nice, but you still live there! If fashion starts to take over function it is time to take a step back and be realistic. Make your home work for your family and your lifestyle.

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PRO TIP: If you do all these tips and still want to re-do your room, purchase your furniture first! Furniture are the largest pieces of your design and the hardest to pick out later.


Do you like our tips? Are you going to implement them in your home? Let us know in the comments below!