Dining Storage Solutions

Your dining room reflects your style, your personality, and your home. It’s where you sit down at the end of a long day to spend time with family, and where you entertain guests during special occasions. We recommend taking the following things into consideration when looking for a dining table.

Self-Storing LeavesIt can be a struggle to find a table that not only fits your space, but that can also accommodate the number of people that you have invited over to enjoy certain festivities. Self-storing leaves solve the issue of where to seat everyone and you don't have to spend time dragging them out of storage every time you need them.

The WOW PieceThe is a great example of some innovative ways self-storing leaves are making life simpler. All you have to do is twist & turn the table face for the leaf to appear, immediately increasing the size of the table. Want to bring it back to regular size? Give it a spin in the opposite direction and voila. It couldn’t get any easier!  

Easy to Use Mechanisms

Some self-storing leaves are built into the table and use synchronized ball bearing glides to help you extend the table. This option makes it easy for any member of the family to lengthen the table using only two fingers – Grandma included!

A Seat for the Whole Family

Do you have a supersized family tree? Look for a table that has more than one self-storing leaf. This can increase your table’s seating capacity to hold 12-14 people. The is one of our favourites for this purpose. The best part is that you won’t have to separate family members into multiple tables – everyone can sit together!

Additional StorageMany dining suites come with a bench option which is incredibly handy if you are looking to have even more storage options. Benches are comfortable, stylish and functional. Also, kids love them.   What more could you ask for?!

Whether you live in a small space, or if you are just looking to simplify your dining options – there’s definitely something out there for you.