Classic Interiors

Classic Interior Design

Visions of the Parthenon, laurel leaves, and rich red wine. Classic interior design draws inspiration from iconic European cultures of days gone by while looking ahead at days yet to come.

The popularity of classic interior creates a timeless aesthetic. Creating spacious rooms with the balance and harmony of ancient Greek and Roman times. Classic interior is defined by its use of materials such as oak, mahogany, bronze, and marble, complimented by floor to ceiling curtains, luxurious rugs, and framed artwork with sculpted ceiling friezes.

Wood, marble, and bronze accents blend well with more modern elements to create elegant and texture spaces

Furnishings are made of solid, old wood interspersed with marble and bronze accents. Colours are calm, neutral and highlight the distinction of quality furnishings. In this space, elegance and decor come together, creating a feeling of measured grandeur and hospitality.

We will be breaking down the steps on how to create your effortlessly timeless, classic interiors space.


In the Details
Bringing together two defining values—historical interpretation and European trends, Classic interior is united by proportionality and simplicity. Illuminating the room often explores the use of soft, muted light through crystal chandeliers, lamps with fabric shades, and torchière.

Looking to create this nod to long times past? Furnishings are natural, unique, and by intention—bold. Furnishings are always functional designed with quality upholstery fabrics and natural leather. The use of precious woods with intricate gold and silver finishes provides a rich and balanced approach, while always lending to a rectangular form.

Decorative Objects
The key to classic design is consistency within the rooms. Select porcelain products, antiques, paintings, and statues made of marble and bronze.

Landscape paintings (or reproductions) of artists from the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries are preferred and all pictures should be framed with ornate wooden frames.

Going back centuries, layered window treatments helped better insulate your home against outside temperatures. In classic design, window treatments are rich and layered creating an impression of wealth and stature. Wallpaper reflects the same pattern as couch cushions and bed cover patterns and are often carried over to fabric lampshades in the room.

The neutral design paired with a bold pattern checked all the boxes and allows her to keep items stowed away and minimize clutter. “No one has to know how full it is inside except for me!”. Along with the Lane rug, the Chevron Pouf, the Liviah Pillow, some mood-boarding, and LOTS of measuring, Gabriella was able to create exactly what she wanted—a cozy, neutral space that is beautifully decorated with pops of colour, pattern, and texture with her accents. But it did not come without its own challenges. 

Kitchen Classic
Fine wood, massive dining tables with deep set carvings, bronze and gold-plated handles. Kitchen classic requires maximum effort to disguise appliances and kitchen utensils, opting for an old world feel with gas-stove and hidden refrigerator.


Estate Sales and Auctions
When looking to add finishing touches to this interior, seek out estate sales or auctions. These highly sought-after pieces fetch top dollar at auction and competition can be fierce. But the result is well worth the timeless aesthetic that is classic interior.

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