Bring It to the Table

Open concept rooms, scaled-down floor plans, and busier lives have changed the way we see—and use—the dining table. Formal dining tables, which were once kept highly polished and reserved for special occasions, have become fully integrated into everyday life. And we're not just using them more often; we’re using them for more than just sitting and eating.

Along with how it will look in the room and how many people it seats, there’s plenty to consider when shopping for a dining table. Besides meals with family and friends, think about all the other things you might use your table for.

Do you need something to double as a desk while you work or take classes at home? Are you looking for an extra-large surface for cooking and baking? Will you use it for crafts, gift wrapping, and school projects? Is game night a big deal with your friends and family?


If you said “yes” to any or all of those questions, keep reading for some things to keep in mind when looking for a dining table that can handle everything you bring to it.

After the plates are cleared, game’s on!
Gathering around the table to play a game isn’t just fun—it’s a great way to get to know your friends better and create lasting memories with your family. If you’re serious about game night, let your game of choice dictate the shape of your table.

Expand your creative space
It seems that no matter how much counter space we have, we always seem to default to the table to roll out sheets of dough, cool multiple racks of cookies, and decorate endless bake-sale cupcakes. For the best, baking-friendly surfaces, choose a table with a smooth top and no center leaf or seam. If you see yourself standing and working at the table on a regular basis, consider a counter height table for better ergonomics.

The perfect table for crafting is a lot like the perfect table for baking. Look for solid, smooth surfaces and plenty of length—or the ability to expand the length—for even more creative freedom. If the dining area is your permanent craft area, consider a table with storage in its base or add a coordinating sideboard or cabinet to keep craft supplies out of sight when not in use.

Take a meeting—from the dining room
In today’s connected world, anywhere you lay your laptop can be your office, board room or classroom. If that spot is your dining table, make it work for you. Standard-height tables with sturdy, wide-set bases make the best substitute desks, as they allow an office chair to easily roll underneath. TIP: Keep office supplies and paperwork in baskets or shallow totes that can be quickly whisked away at dinner time, or choose a table with built-in drawers.

Dining tables that fit your lifestyle
Whether you’re looking for a table that can double as a baker’s bench or set the stage for an epic Scrabble throw-down, Dufresne has a huge selection that you can choose from to suit your style, your space, and the way you live.

Book an appointment today to learn about the countless options available to you through our custom program, or shop from our collection of dining tables and dining sets, and let us match you with your perfect “not-just-a-dining-table” dining table today.